Gen1->gen2 upgrade; caliber switch

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  1. rex_havok

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    Apr 8, 2020
    New owner here. Managed to get my hands on a subg2k despite the c-virus and despite being in Ca. Both together are quite the trick; 2/3rds of my local stores are closed due to out of inventory, none receiving new stock, ammo is in very short supply. I receive the rifle saturday after the 10-day expires, it's a .40 s&w Gen1 and it wasn't even cheap.

    Still, I think I'd like to take KT up on their gen2 upgrade for $150. They will also throw in a caliber change and convert to glock or my mag choice for no additional charge. If you don't know, what they do is transfer the existing rifle serial number, plus an "A", to a new stock and basically you have a new rifle. They will also deal with the California crap - grip fin, etc, and I have to ship through a FFA.

    I think the upgrade seems worthwhile due to KT no longer making gen1 parts, as well as the general upgrades of gen 2 over 1. Anyone got an argument against this line of thinking? I do think the gen 1 forend looks kinda cool. Based on ammo availability locally (just a snapshot in time of course) it seems pretty clear that 9mm will be a better (availability) choice now and in various possible futures, and may help with the longevity of the 2k.

    Finally, I have the situation locally where all ranges are closed and the national forest areas are closed to firearms. I basically can't legally shoot my new rifle. I guess I can mess around with my bore sight, and get it cleaned up, practice field stripping and install/uninstall the few mcarbo parts I have that work on both gens (recoil buffer, charging handle), but other than that, not much. So I feel like after doing these things for a couple days, I'm really missing nothing by sending it in to KT other than if the SHTF in the meantime or if the virus shuts down KT in the meantime.

    Just seeing if my thinking on this has any obvious flaws folks want to point out, and musing publicly during quarantine. I appreciate all the info and insight, as well as gun-porn I'm picking up on this forum.
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    I always liked the gen 2 over the gen 1 so I won't rain on your parade. IMO 9mm makes far more sense.

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  3. Silver Rings

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    Feb 13, 2019
    Sounds like a good plan to me. I think if you go to sell it down the road, it will be easier to sell a gen2. As to 9mm, cheaper to get, both ammo and mags plus less recoil.