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Gen 1 Questions

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I have a first generation P3AT. It's my primary carry gun here in Sunny Florida. I don't usually wear cloths bulky enough to hide anything bigger. After reading a bunch of posts here I began to wonder how reliable the first generation pistols are. I took it out last week and dumped several boxes of ammo through it and it functioned flawlessly. My faith is restored. I know I should probably fix the possible "smiley" situation, but is there anything else that I really need to address? I've always worked under the idea that "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
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I think you got it right in the last line of your post - if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it.

My own, personal belief (unsupported by spreadsheets, statistics or anything other than my gut - which is a substantial source) is that there were more 1st gen P3ATs which had reliability issues right out of the box than there have been 2nd gen P3ATs with such issues.  I know my 1st gen, purchased NIB, had its share of problems - problems which seem to have gone away when Kel Tec rebuilt it as a second gen on my old, first gen frame.  Further, even the out-of-box reliable 1st gens are getting a few years on them as small, polymer pocket pistols go and might be due for a little 'refreshing'.

The main concern with "smileys", to my understanding, is that it might could, potentially, maybe cause the bullet to be pushed far enough back into the casing to cause overpressure issues (possible kaboom) while firing.  I have personally not read or heard of a single incident of that actually happening but that doesn't mean it hasn't.  Another problem with the smileys is that, if they are deep enough they might change the nose of a HP bullet enough to cause the bullet not to expand properly, depending on the type of bullet, how bad the smileys are, etc.

Personally, if my 1st gen had been as reliable as yours seems to be and the only problem it had was smileys, I'd shoot it, clean it, lube it and otherwise leave it the heck alone.  That is just IMO, of course.
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+1 on JAB's reply. I had several gen1's that I did the ramp mod on to try and get rid of smileys. Biggest concern was setback. But to date there's never been a confirmed kaboom due to a smiley. If all you do is carry for PD then ignore it. (Lots of smiley info at my WWW link, bott of page.)
Main prob I had with gen1 was FTE due to the extractor. KT did provide an improved extractor which I put on one and it really helped. But I think they no longer offer 'repairs' to gen1. So if yours ever acts up, contact KT and they might just replace it with a 2d gen.

og....whose new 2dgen P3AT has no smileys and no problems at all!!
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