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Gen 1 P3AT Issues

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I acquired a new to me (used) P3AT recently. Gen 1 if that matters. Previous owner estimated 40-50rds shot through barrel.

Today I made it out to go run 106 rounds through it. Should have brought more ammo but I was in a hurry and grabbed what was the easiest to get to.

I noticed that when I would pull the slide back to load the first round it would stick or the round would not seat properly. I would have to push the slide forward or work with it to get the round to go into the chamber/barrel. I am thinking "fluff and buff"?? What do you guys/girls think?

Also towards the last 106 rounds, probably around 85 or 90. I would have an eject problem about 1 or 2 for every 6 rounds. Now this could have been a few limp wrists...I was getting tired. But not all were that way. I did notice a lot of debris in the gun. So maybe it just needed a clean?

If it matters, all but 6 rounds were reloads. I shoot them out of my Gen2 P3AT with out a hitch. When I purchased the gun I disassembled but did not clean it. And I should was kinda dirty.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I want to get this working right before I CCL it.



By the way, I am new here. Have been coming here for a while now to read forums but never registered until now. I do have this posted on my "local forum"; but have had zero replies.
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Polishing the feed ramp sure won't hurt. More importantly, my experience is that you had better do a cleaning/lube after 50 rounds [especially clean the chamber], or you will have problems.
:exclamation  ARG Matey!!  Welcome to KTOG  :exclamation

Be sure you aren't guiding the slide forward.  Even the most experienced guy does.  I tend to do this when I get a new shooter, just because I'm watching the action so closely.  Yank it open and let it pop shut!  F&B will help with this for sure, but it isn't necessary by the sound of it.  A good clean as well a good gun grease and finalizing the break in is probably all you need.  This all makes the action slicker, and that extra friction/drag you currently have may be what's keeping that first round from chambering as expected (YMMV).  Once it was broke in and with proper clean/lube, my wife's 3AT can go hundreds of rounds before another cleaning (just a quick bore punch every couple hundred).

[smiley=engel017.gif]Your other shooter may have you spoiled as well since it is all broke in and happy.

I recommend Clean + Lube, then Fuggettabout the FTEs (it's new and you were shooting handloads!).  Take it back out with quality factory ammo when you can and give it another go paying close attention to limpwristing if you are tired, it will be fine !!!!  Have fun and be safe!   [smiley=beer.gif]
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If you are having FTE's it might be the extractor. I had that with a Gen 1 P3AT and sent it to KelTec. They installed a new type of extractor and then the pistol worked fine. Might want to check with them about it.
Yea, What Emack76 said, let it slingshot into battery.
Tom :)
It is just getting broken in and should be better next time, assuming it is clean and properly lubed.  A little polishing never hurts, nor does trying a couple different rounds. It may prefer some over others.
Thanks everyone for the replies.

I finally had time today to tear it apart and do a good cleaning. Boy was it dirty. The oiled parts were not slick anymore...almost gunky-sticky or no lubricate.

Didn't want to mess with the F&B just yet. So I cleaned and re-lubed everything. Put back together and practiced loading rounds into the chamber. Did about 50 or so and never had a problem (both fmj/HP). Haven't got to shoot it yet...the woods are a good 40min away.

I'll take some factory ammo next time and give it a whirl.

Emack76- Come to think of it I was doing that a lot. Partly b/c it was a new gun and I was curious. Today when I was racking them in, I wasn't and never had a problem. Good catch!

Thanks again!
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