FTF in MO: .357/.380/6.5 Jap Rifle for sale!

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Got a couple firearms for sale in Missouri (KC Area)! FTF preferred. Not to interested in shipping as I have recently learned it can be quite expensive!

    First up is a Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum in stainless with a 4" Barrel. This has had a trigger & action job done on it. Smooth as glass and pretty light on the pull! Comes with two leather holsters, one fairly rough black duty style, and one pretty nice leather belt holster. Also have about 50rds of mixed .357 ammo to go with it. Asking $450 OBO. Looking for cash on this one.


    Second is an older Mauser HSc Super in .380. This is the more rare high cap double stack version. Its in good condition, previous owner didn't take great care of it so there is some slight pitting on it in various places. Comes with two 15rd mags, Asking $440 for it open to offers and trades.


    Last is a sporterized 6.5x50 Jap military rifle. I honestly don't know much about it. It was my fathers gun and I know he used it for deer hunting! Always said it was very accurate! It looks like a standard military surplus style rifle, has definitely seen its way around the woods, but appears to be in fine working order. Great for knocking around and not worrying too much about it, or having as a truck rifle!

    Comes with 15 loaded rounds and another 7 pieces of brass. All brass is Norma! Also comes with a full box of 95 (5 are loaded rounds) Speer Hot-Cor 120gr .264 Spitzer bullets and a set of Lee dies. The dies have some rust on the tops of them and the shell holder but the internals look to be in fine condition.

    Would like to see $200 for the whole set, open to possible trades.