FTF and mag problem

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Cortty, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    I'm a new keltec owner and had a problem at the range today. I ran a 100 rounds of remington fmj with no problems on two different range sesions. Today I went to the range with 50 rounds pmc fmj and 1 box of goldensabers. Shot 40 rounds of fmj with no problems, the first mag of goldensabers had a FTF and the mag fell out. Same problem happened 3 more times while shooting goldensabers, FTF and the mag falling out. I made sure my thumb wasn't hitting the release while shooting. I have not been pressing the mag release while inserting mag. Is it possible that I have worn out the mag catch and the more powerfull goldensaber rounds is causing the mag to fall out and FTF? I shot the remaining 10 rounds of fmj with no problems.

    Thanks for the help
  2. toddmog

    toddmog New Member

    Jul 8, 2007
    That would be my guess.  CALL KT Service Dept and request a new catch.  Or you can purchase a metal one from DaveNC on this forum.  You'll have to PM him since you can't access the trading post yet.

  3. tommyray

    tommyray New Member

    Sep 2, 2008
    Showing my ignorance...but how do you tell if you have a metal catch or plastic?
  4. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    P3at comes with a plastic catch. keltec dosn't make a metal catch for the p3at. I ordered a metal one from DaveNC last night.
  5. steve24

    steve24 New Member

    Aug 20, 2008
    I realized while shooting my P3AT the other day, that I really had to make a conscious effort not to hit my mag release while firing it!  I guess with my regular grip that my thumb lands right on it. (But I do plan on getting a metal mag release soon though).
  6. TxCajun

    TxCajun Administrator Staff Member Supporter

    Sep 7, 2004
    IF you are hitting the mag release while shooting, you can file it down. It is taller than it needs to be.
  7. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    After reading the thread by patriot07 I realized my problem. I also have a bersa mag base-plate and because of the downward presure, the top of the mag catch was damaged causing my mag to fall out. I installed a metal catch from daveNC last night and I'm confident it will fix my problem. Thanks DaveNC for the quality product and quick service.
  8. torrent

    torrent Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2006
    +1 It also makes the gun more comfortable to carry IWB.
  9. jacksnack

    jacksnack New Member

    Sep 13, 2008
    I have to agree with everyone here.

    I went to the range Sunday and also have FTF with mag release issues. This concerns me GREATLY as this is my primary carry weapon.

    I have removed the Bersa/KT magazine finger extensions.

    I believe my issue is a combination of both hitting the mag release AND the strong downward force generated from firing the weapon.

    I am reducing the mag release and will retry with the new "configuration" (sans finger extension) hopefully this week. I am a firm believe the finger extension is a very bad idea as the force applied is considerably more than the internals can handle.
  10. xcop1105

    xcop1105 New Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    same problem for me . i removed the bersa pinky extention and mag problem solved. 30 rounds of american ammo no mag poping no ftf. i also removed the pinky ex from my pf9 just in case . i have small hands so maintaining a good grip is not a bad problem for me.
  11. technsafe

    technsafe New Member

    Oct 14, 2008
    Cortty ,    I took my new P3AT to the range a  couple of weeks ago and had almost an identical experience to yours.   In my case,  I shot CCI/Speers Gold Dots..  Magazine popped right out.  Target ammo shot fine, no mag issues.

    I called Kel-tec CNC and they promptly sent out a "Mag Kit"  which consists of the plastic release and as spring.    Oddly,  Ket-tec CNC didn't send any instructions.  So,  I'm looking for those.

    My firearm was completely unmodified,  with a simple cleaning before starting out.
    I will try out the new mag kit soon and let you know.    If I ever find the instrustions.
    The metal  mag catch sounds interesting.  If this one doesn't work out anyway.
  12. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    Thats interesting, I was sure it was a base plate problem. I wonder if it's a updated part or just a bad run on cathes. This link should help you out, watch both vedios. I hope to get to the range tomarrow to verify the metal catch fixed my issue.

  13. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    Well I went back to the range with my metal catch installed and still had same problem. The clip still falls out while shooting goldensabers, shot 50 rounds of fmj with no problems. I didn't replace the sping and I kept the bersa base plate on. I guess it time to retire bersa plate and give the +1 extension a try.  I called KT and there sending me a mag kit so I can replace the sping. I will hit the range agian next week.
  14. technsafe

    technsafe New Member

    Oct 14, 2008
    Good news on Kel-Tec's mag kit.  

    I was a little annoyed at the fact that they didn't give us  instructions on the install,  but thanks to you, Cortty for the link to videos.  I had looked at youtube,  but not seen this one.
    The video did require that I actually think about what I was doing,  but after a couple of tries I got the new mag catch and spring into the p3-AT.  

    I had to shift the mag catch a little bit after it was installed, because iniitally it didn't hold the mag at all.   But I shifted it back and forth a couple of times, and it seemed to seat properly,  and  hold the mag fine.
    The old spring and mag catch seemed to be less 'robust' than the new ones,  I could tell there would be a difference.

    Took it to the range today, no problems  AT ALL with the magazine.  

    Just a note,  on some posts,  people have mentioned that a full disassembly of thier P3-AT ended with some bits o' junk falling out.  I was no exception.   So, of course I should have done a more thorough cleaning.    

    BTW I also installed the plus 1 mag.   It made it a little more comfortable to shoot and did not affect the mag performance.    
  15. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    Glad to here that it's fixed. I installed mine this weekend and I hope I have the same luck.
  16. YooperP3at

    YooperP3at New Member

    Oct 12, 2008
    So does everyone eventually have problems with the plastic catch?

    I've only put a few hundred rounds thru mine so far with no problems.
    I haven't had any fte or any mag problems with several different types of ammo.

    Just wondering if i should order the metal catch because it's gona eventually fail, or if i got
    a gun that's not going to have those problems. Anyone had one of those guns?

    Just wondering.....i've seen lots of entries with catch problems.
  17. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    Mine was from not pressing the release when inserting the mag and the bersa base plate. When I replaced mine I could see the damaged I caused. I went back to the range today and all is good. I'm using the +1 extension now instead of the bersa base plate.
  18. technsafe

    technsafe New Member

    Oct 14, 2008
    I have a couple of thoughts on this, but no real evidence. Just My humble opinion.

    I don't press the release on inserting the mag, but I'm not sure I'd say that was the cause. I tend to agree that babying the mag insertion is kinda silly. It should just work.

    The mag catch and spring that I removed looked noticably different from the new one that Kel-Tec sent me. In my case I've just used the ordinary plastic one, and it holds much better. Mag insertion is crisper, it feels like it is seated better. The old mag catch looked smoother where it should have had a crisp edge. the gun was not near old enough to have worn the plastic down, and in any case the mag should push the catch aside on insertion, at least minimizing some of the wear, neh?

    This may be a production problem - as I was shopping for my gun, I saw several used p3ATs that had a very loose looking Mag situation.

    I too am tempted to go to the metal mag catch, but for now the "free" solution from Keltec worked fine. I'll know more after another couple of range visits. For now, the mag is solid.

    Mine does not have the bersa plate, but I did add the plus one extension. It feels better to shoot, but I don't see that the mag configuraiton (in my case) makes any difference to the way the mag is held.
  19. Cortty

    Cortty New Member

    Aug 9, 2008
    My mag is also much tighter with the new catch. I have to push the mag up and use my pointer finger from the left side of the gun to move the catch back so it will fully seat. I should have measuered the new one aginst the old one with micrometer before I installed it to see if there is a differance. I agree a metal catch would be a smart upgrade for kel-tec to add to these great little pistols.