FTF after break-in period and perfect until.....

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    hi, I have 2 P3AT's gen 2 in our famly. My son's went through the same break-in period of 300 rounds in intervals and lubing and oiling after every range outting without ever a problem on either pistol. We both carry everyday and rely on it's flawless firing reliability. Both P3AT's have never failed us. Afer carrying them for several months in the same make pocket holster my son said let's see if there are any issues after carrying them and act as if it was a life or death situation. OFF TO THE RANGE !
    I fired my entire mag without a problem and was quite pleased with the pistol and brought a smile to my face.
    He stepped up and after the first round fired the pistol jammed with the slide back and the next round facing level. He tried to pull back on the slide..no go..he released the clip and let the mag drop slightly and then the slide went forward and loaded the round. this round was fired and the next round did the same thing. The rest of the mag did fire.
    We both use the same ammo,Federal Hydro shok- Law Enforcement for carry and never had a single issue for over a year of use . He is now concerned that this weapon is not reliable as a SD pistol and has lost all faith.
    We switched to Critical Defense FTX , fired 2 mags each and all was fine. The CD ammo seemd to glide into the chamber and fired with les recoil. The problem still is when you need it will it be there for you?
    I told him that semi's are not flawless and you have to train yourself to react to any problem and always keep the firearm pointed at the BG. Sadly, this has greatly turned him from the P3AT security he has always felt and is thinking of a trusty revolver.
    I told him we will put another 100 rounds through it and see what happens. Expensive indeed!!
    Any ideas on how to make this more reliable after carrying for a few months ?
    I'll post back after we go back to the range tomorrow.
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    Re: FTF after break-in period and perfect until...

    These little guns, with their ultralight slide, can be ammo-selective, especially with JHP.  Thoroughly testing SD rounds used to not be such an expensive proposition.  These days, that has all changed but it is still important to test several different rounds to find what a particular gun likes.  

    Probably the Hornday CD is going to be a more reliable feeder than the Hydro Shok.  That is due to the flex tip polymer fill in the hollow point cavity.  The polymer tip should make the JHP a more reliable feeder.

    Another round that may be an even more reliable feeder is Corbon/Glasser Pow'RBall.  The polymer tip is very pronounced and makes the round feed like a FMJ.

    Aside from trying different rounds, if it is not already polished to a mirror finish, I would polish the feed ramp on the guns.  Any polishing (fluff & buff) you do to other moving parts will reduce slide friction and enhance feeding.

    Also, especially when not used (cleaned & lubed), but carried for an extended period of time, I would occasionally re lube the gun.  This also reduces friction that robs the slide of momentum needed to feed the round into the chamber.

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    Re: FTF after break-in period and perfect until...

    just a thought.....

    with the muzzle-flip and kick of this little lightweight gun, make sure he keeps his fingers/thumb/digits WELL AWAY from the mag-release... my mag-release can be a bit sensitive and touching it just a little can cause the mag to semi-release and DROP just a "hair" - but enough to cause some FTF issues
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    Re: FTF after break-in period and perfect until...

    Thanks for the advice,links and help folks !!
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    Re: FTF after break-in period and perfect until...

    As promised we took her to the range and fired over 70 rounds without a glitch. We used Federal Hydro shok JHP for all testing and an additional 6 rounds of the precious Critical Defense FTX just to be sure all is well. The pistol has now been cleaned and lubed,loaded with the CD FTX and hope it fires when needed. The pistol was not very dirty after firing, however we did find a crud spot on the feed ramp. Keeping our fingers crossed!! Thanks again!