FS/WTT P-11, SIG 226 - NM ABQ 87105 FTF preferred

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    Sep 30, 2005
    Hey everyone- lurking much and posting little here, but thanks for all the wisdom and support over the years.  Up for sale is my Parked P-11 with some goodies and tweaks:  Stainless belt clip, three 12-round mags, KT aluminum trigger shoe, pinkie extension, and some tuning by yours truly.  This gun was pretty good to start with, and surprisingly accurate for such a small, light piece.  Sights were dead on out of the box.  But I couldn't leave it alone, and tweaked a bunch of little things.  Full fluff n buff per KTOG, with polishing of feed ramp, chamber, breech face, bottom of slide, transfer bar, hammer, and a couple other wear spots.  Slightly reduced profile on mag release, to prevent accidental mag drops.  Lots of little niggling fixes and tweaks I can't remember.  I'm a little obsessive when it comes to my guns.   ;)

     The good:  The gun is totally reliable.  It always goes bang, and puts a round where it's pointed.  It's the most accurate tiny 9mm I've ever seen, and if you really concentrate, its accuracy seems limited only by the trigger.  Of course, it's not a target pistol, but if you do your part, it will surprise you.  For its intended mission in life, it is GTG.  Total round count ~300; 20 of which were +p Federal.  Ran perfectly with all ammo.  Before I ever fired it, I detail-stripped it and applied the knowledge gained from lots of hours here at KTOG.      
     The bad:  The factory trigger.  It's part of the reason I'm selling, because this gun was supposed to be for the wife.  She just can't deal with the long, stiff pull, and she can't seem to get comfortable with semiauto malfunction drills either, so we're getting her a DA revolver with a slick, light trigger job.  ::)  If it was my gun, I'd play with the trigger a bit and call it good, but I've got plenty of hardware as it is, and this gun isn't getting shot, or carried.  There are instructions on this site for trigger mods that look promising, I just never got to it.  I did have a "white overtravel stop" on it, but it got squashed.      
     The only other bad thing I could say about it is that ejection is maybe somewhat inconsistent.  One time it dropped a piece of hot brass down the back of my neck, and I did an amusing little dance at the range, trying to get it out of my shirt.  Rangemaster said he appreciated the fact that I kept the muzzle downrange throughout my interpretive piece.  I think that happened because the brass bounced off the target frame we had set up to the right of the bench to keep my Su-16 from pelting the shooter to my right with hot brass, but I don't know for sure.  You might want to tweak ejector/extractor so it ejects more consistently with whatever you'll be shooting, or it may be a non-issue.  
     The ugly:  It's not brand-new.  The Parkerizing is showing minor wear along a couple sharp edges, and the slide release is showing some wear and is half shiny.  90-95% finish?  There's a tiny ding on the front of the slide that came that way from the factory; I didn't care.  I wrote mag capacities on the back surface of the mags ("12" or "10" as appropriate) in silver sharpie- acetone would take it off, if you care.
     The verdict:  This is a lightly used and nicely tuned gun.  I think it's better than new, because it's been shot a few times, broken in but not shot enough to reduce lifespan.  I've paid attention to it, read a bunch here and applied the collective wisdom.  This gun is guaranteed reliable and GTG.  I worked on it for my wife, and was confident in it for her defense; she just couldn't quite learn to handle it.  I don't think it's the right gun for a petite woman without much grip strength, as both the slide and trigger require some force to manipulate.  
     You might want to continue its evolution, but as it sits, I'd sell it to my best friend as a defensive piece with no qualms.  But all my friends already have more than enough guns, and I need the cash for a combat shotgun project.  Plus, I've promised my wife I will sell some of my less-used pieces to make room for new ones.  ;D  $350 OBO or best trade.

     In other news, I'm selling my SIG 226 9mm.  Three normal-capacity mags (15rd) plus leather duty retention holster, leather paddle holster, nice matching thumb-break belt holster + leather double mag carrier.  Great working gun, good used condition with some holster wear, 100% reliable, new mag springs and main spring, Hogue grips (showing some wear) and it's a SIG.  Boringly reliable, always.  $700 OBO or best trade.

     I will trade both of the above for a nice HD shotgun, by which I mean a Mossberg 590A1 with 18.5" Vang Comp barrel, Surefire LED forend, +1 extension, SS follower, big metal safety, and tritium ghost ring sights.  870's similarly equipped also considered.  Lesser shotguns and some cash are possible.  Otherwise, make me an offer; the worst I can say is "no".  
     Much prefer FTF cash or trade.  Items also going up for sale locally.