FS: Sub2000 Glock Mags 40 S&W + case, red/green dot sight, accessories

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    I didn't think this day would happen, and didn't want it to, but I am selling my beloved Sub2K. Recent neck surgery will keep me from using the sights and I expect the doctor to say no to rifles with recoil.

    So, I am hoping you are looking for this gun like I was the day I found it available:

    Sub2000, Gen1, Glock Magazine version, 40S&W.

    One 10rnd mag that KelTec supplied, one 15rnd mag, and one 15rnd mag with a 1rnd Pearce extension. Total of three magazines.

    One KelTec buttstock extension.

    1100 rounds of ammo, as shown in photo.

    Pelican Storm IM2400 case. In the photos, a Lawman ammo box shows the depth of the case. Case contains two layers of foam.
    The case will hold 1 Sub2000, 3 handguns, and 1000 rounds of ammo, or 1 Sub2000 and 9 handguns. The bottom layer of foam has not been customized for anything.
    The case is currently configured for 1 Sub2K, 1 KahrP380, 1 Glock26/27/33, & 1 Kahr CT9 in the top layer of foam.

    Also comes with a brand new Keltec Aluminum QuadRail forend, which I never got around to installing.

    Also includes one Centerpoint red&green dotsight. Each color has 5 brightness settings. That sight is currently installed on my Ruger Charger, in case the photos made you wonder.

    Lastly, package includes the original KelTec box, sight adjustment tool, and multiple keys for the lock option.

    Entire package, $760

    This package has also been listed on another forum, for the same price.

    I have also offered the package locally, for the same price.

    Locally, for me is 30 minutes northeast of Dallas, close to Plano, TX.

    If you have any questions that I did not address, please let me know.


    1). Edited/re-thunk price. Lowered from $820 to $760.

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