FS: LH Galco Shoulder Rig for PF9

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by J.R._Bob_Dobbs, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. This is a LEFT handed galco leather shoulder holster for PF9. Model CL291, called the "classic light", also has a mag holder. Listed on package to fit Kahrs as well as the PF9. The PF9 fits perfectly.

    I bought the holster and only wore it around the house for a day, and decided shoulder carry is not for me. Paid $67 delivered, will sell here for $45 shipped, paypal please.

    Post dibs here please as I tend to overlook PM's. Here is a link to the item from where I bought it:


  2. I'm right-handed and thus not a candidate for your holster, but I am interested in shoulder carry and therefore curious about your experience. What was it about shoulder holsters that did not appeal to you?

  3. I did not like the way it pushed against the back of my neck, instead of "getting used to it" I seemed to notice it more the longer it was on.
  4. So it was the fit of this particular holster that was a problem and not shoulder holster carry in general?

  5. This is the only shoulder holster I've ever tried. It is quite adjustable. IWB remains my preferred method by far.