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Went to the range today to sight in my TRS-25 red dot on my Sub2K Glock 17 Gen 2. Have it mounted on a side rail QD mount at 45 degree angle by UTG. Spent the first 50 rounds (Federal 115 grain FMJ) fine tuning the iron sights at 25 and 50 yards. Very happy with the results, 1.5 inch to 2 inch groups with my crappy 67 year old eyes. Went to sight in the red dot and the QD would not tighten down onto the rail. I was using a new gear bag and had not stocked it with the odds and ends tools I usually carry with me. Shot the next 50 rounds with respectable groupings but the whole purpose of my range visit (excluding the sheer fun of any range visit) was a failure. Next trip, fully prepared. I am ashamed that I came so unprepared as I was a Boy Scout and took what I learned seriously. On a positive note, the gun ran flawlessly and has done so since Day 1. The only other frustrating issue I had was (again due to not having a fully stocked range bag) I had no ear plugs. My ear muffs would not allow me to get a full cheek weld on the buffer tube to get a decent sight picture without getting in the way.

On a separate note, I brought along my 1946 Winchester Model 62A 22lr, which was my very first gun, and shot the s**t out of the bullseye at 50 and 100 yards. With iron sights, how do you explain that. Learned memory? Feels like a custom glove in my hands.

Enough of my old man ramblings. Have a great day and go out and shoot!
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