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100 Rounds Winchester 95 Grain FMJ Target/Range----[highlight]FREE[/highlight]-----

If you are just tuning into this thread- Burley has won already.

Here is the twist-

The 380 goes to the first KTOGer that gets 5 Votes of Confidence from other KTOGers.  A KTOGer may submit more than one vote of confidence, but each vote he cast must be for a different KTOGer.

The vote of confidence must be based on properly conducted trades/purchases that occurred here in the trading post.   When posting a Vote of Confidence, please use the KTOGers user name, and a link to the properly concluded transaction.  

Example of a proper vote:

  I cast a vote for TxCajun - here is the link:

And please- one vote of confidence per post.

One more twist.  If the first to get 5 votes is some one that uses this board primarily to conduct business, I will send the 380 to the second member to get five votes.   Mine will be the only opinion that counts as to who is here primarily to conduct business.

PLEASE keep in mind-  it is only a box of ammo, so don't get bent out of shape over this.  I am doing this to simply boost the TP action, and to show that KTOG has a lot of good guys and gals.


Region_Rat  1

PaiN   1

norfdet  1

princemorr2003  1

bamf_shadow   1

billjohnso20  2

Panoz77     1

carmike442   1 (almost two - where is the thread?)

CJP32 1

Tractiongrips  1

harleyboy  1

TxCajun   1

remf   1

Burley   [highlight]-3-[/highlight]

Moose    1

virtual-rjhauser   1

lcdrdanr   1

Shanghai_Dan    1

rubb   2

zeke    1

battlebug  1

Sangueffusor  1

thirtyoughtsixn  1

sob3 1

kjhilsinger 1

Checker4Tix 1

[highlight]DING DING DING-  We have a winner.  Joe-  PM Inbound [/highlight]

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Re: FREE - 100 rounds 380AUTO - With a twist


I certainly do recognize the wonderful work wrought by APE with his Shock Buffer, and he may get some .380 out of this thread yet, but his buffer thread is not a Trading Post thread, and not quite what I had in mind for this give-a-way.

Keep the votes coming!
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