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    Sep 7, 2004
    The KTOG Moderator Team has decided to make a few changes regarding access to two boards, the Counter and the Trading Post.  These changes are outlined below:  

    1.  Guests cannot see or access the Counter or Trading Post.

    2.  Newbies cannot see or access the Trading Post.

    3.  Newbies can see (read) the Counter but cannot post there.

    4.  The post requirement for Junior Member is lowered from 50 to 25 posts.

    Since the Trading Post and the Counter tend to contain more personal information and involve issues of trust, we felt it appropriate that they should be restricted to members who have established some rapport with the group.  All other boards, the ones that contain technical data, are open to anyone.  So, if a Guest/Newbie wants to post in the Counter or buy and sell in the Trading Post, they'll have to register and make 25 meaningful posts in any of the other 19 boards on KTOG.  Posting a string of one-liners in an obvious attempt to circumvent this policy is cause for banishment.

    What constitutes a "meaningful post" vs a "string of one-liners", you ask?  Well, we've had several folks actually make 25 numbered posts like this:  post #1, post #2...  post #25.  More than violating the spirit of the rule, that amounts to failing the minimum IQ requirement for sustained membership.  Here is an excerpt from another such attempt:

    How to Get Banned in 7 Minutes or Less

    Obviously, that dog won't hunt here.  If you are new to Kel-tecs or guns in general, you should have no trouble asking a few intelligent questions.  If you have some knowledge and experience, jump in a thread and help someone with a question.  KTOG is the premier source for information on all things Kel-tec and other gun-related news and information as well.  Members who are willing to participate and share their knowledge are what makes that happen.  

    We are a community in every sense of the word.  Many of us are close, personal friends who meet and shoot together on a regular basis.  Check out the KTOG Goes Local forum for a gathering in your area.  Don't see one?  Start one.  However, if you just want to lurk and absorb some knowledge, that's fine too.  Understand though, that the Counter and Trading Post are provided as a service to our participating members.