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150$ including shipping but not FFL transfer. I live in fayette county, PA but travel to Pittsburgh frequently.

I'd also consider a trade (possibly with me paying money in addition); the SUBs and P-32 could do.

Comes with 2 magazines, including a +1 extension (6 and 7 rd). One magazine has a bad spring (a spare mag was kept in my car and it got some interior rust)

Her History:

I bought her 5 years ago, and as I've reported in a few threads, I've had quite a bit of problems with FTE. She has been 'home' to KT twice, where they reportedly polished feed ramp and replaced the slide, barrel. It looks like a chrome barrel, but I'm not sure. The contrast looks quite nice against the parkerized slide. I'd estimate not more than 350 rounds through.

After the second time back from factory, the issue of the assembly pin popping out remained. I fixed this beautifully, thanks to this site, with a hairdryer to slightly bend the plastic back and putting the assembly pin spring back in its place. This was a few weeks ago, and I was very happy when 3 full mags went through without a problem. However, FTEs occured 4 times out of about 20 rounds during a target shooting session, and I gave up. I don't know what else to do, and I have another .380 so I don't need this gun.

I will miss her, as I remember many times in shady situations feeling safe (I figured I could at least count on 2-4 rounds before a jam).

The LCP and PF-9 kind of took her place, but I wish it would have worked out, I just don't have any patience left.

I have the P-11 listed on another site, at 250$ (not including shipping because I hope for a local deal)

Comes with:
2 magazines (12rd and 10rd with finger extension)
Houge handall jr grip (this completed the gun, excellent feel)
2 9mm snap caps I'll throw in for dry fire practice.
Uncle Mike's OWB holster

Detail listed here:
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