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I took the little blue P3AT to the range again today for her final break-in/proving session. 107 rounds of Double Tap 90gr Gold Dots went down range. The last 50 at 15-yards. I havent counted the holes in the 12x13 paper target, but I think they all hit it. A couple are closer to the edge than I would like to admit, but there is a handful in the bullseye (pure luck).

The gun performed flawlessly. My hand was shaking towards the end, and still has a little shake in it now 45 minutes later. It also has a broke open blister between my hand and thumb from the P3AT. Ouch.

CN: Fed 107 rounds reliably, even when hot.

EDIT: Just counted 48 (maybe 49 depending on how I read a linear group) holes in the paper.
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