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Couldn't wait to shoot the new PF-9, so I snuck out just after lunch. My main worry was that I got a lemon. Not yet! I only had Federal FMJ 115 RN and some steel crap, so I shot the Federal. I shot 100 rounds at 5 and 7 yards from various positions and with various feeding. I did one hand, off hand, two hand, blocking one hand, bench rest, etc. I loaded 7+1, fed 7 from the mag, and tried half loaded mags.

All shots were done in a big hurry. I was on the range for about 15 minutes and had 2 mags. The gun got hot.

100 flawless shots!

I did not shoot off hand much. This little rascal is a wolverine! I have a slightly rough spot on my strong hand palm between my thumb and pointer finger, but otherwise no recoil issues. I am NOT a construction guy, so I expected a lot more.

I really like the trigger and was accurate...for me. Double taps are a bit tough of course, but the trigger is fine. No issues with the trigger guard hitting trigger finger and didn't notice any difficulty getting on the trigger.

Since I didn't have any grease last night when I did my cleaning and lubrication, I found a little chain oil for a chainsaw and put a little on the sliding spots. It seemed to work well.

Upon inspection, there doesn't seem to be any unusual wear areas that I coudl see in the simple take down.

:p:):D All smiles!
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