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I thought I'd throw up a short review of a new flashlight that I just acquired.

A NiteCore P12. This is a high quality, very bright light. You would call it a tactical model. It runs on either two CR123 batteries (can get expensive if bought at a high dollar place like a grocery store) or a single rechargeable LiIon 18650 battery. If you need a light with a good amount of reach and brightness, the P12 is one to consider. The light itself will cost you about $50. A rechargeable 18650 battery, between $8 and $20 depending on the capacity (mAh) that you choose. A charger, from $8 to $20, unless you go really extravagant.

Here are the specific things I bought:

The charger/batteries were on the expensive side, but that's because I bought two batteries, of very high capacity 3400 mAh.

I also bought two filters that attach to the front of the light - a diffuser, and a red filter:

I won't go into the technical details of the light because there are many reviews on the net from hard-core flash-a-holics that tell you much more than I ever could. Here is one such detailed review:

The beam has very good throw so you can see well into the distance. The beam has a brighter hot spot in the middle that facilitates this. If you want a more even area light, just slip on the diffuser which gives you a very soft wide area light. The light has four brightness levels, from really really low to fry-your-eyeballs bright. And it has three flashy modes - strobe, SOS, and beacon. These flashy modes are hidden from normal use. I really like that, because I don't use them often. But they are there if you need them.

This light is too big to go into a pocket routinely, but it comes with a belt holster. It will fit in a pocket, but it's just not something that you would want to carry like that day to day.


Picture below gives you a size comparison: A Keltec PF9, the Nitecore P12 flashlight, it's 18650 LiIon battery (the yellow one), and then a smaller single-AA sized light (an XTAR WK41) with it's 14500 LiIon battery (same size as an alkaline AA battery).

For pocket carry, I prefer a single-AA sized light, I'm currently carrying the XTAR WK41 pictured below. It's nice because it can use a 14500 LiIon rechargeable battery, or a NiMH rechargeable battery, or a standard alkaline battery. Lots of choices and fallbacks there.


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