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I have a very reliable 1st Gen P32 which I have carried for years.  I recently decided to scale up to the P3AT 2nd Gen with hard chrome slide.  I finally found a couple at the Dallas Gunshow last weekend, but was very disapointed and did not buy.  I noticed in one the the grip seemed to fit poorly around the Assembly Pin partially covering it up.  The grip would have to be pryed a little to remove the pin for cleaning.  My P32 fits perfectly in this area and the pin seems to fit in a grip hole recess.  I looked at several other P3AT's a found them all fitting poorly in one direction or the other.  I did a search of this site and found info about old vs new grip type and the owners manual which shows holdin the grip on both sides of the Assembly Pin for removal.  I hope I have expained this well enough, but the pro's on this site will probably be familiar with this feature.  The P3AT's just don't seem to be put together as well as my P32.  Can someone shed some light. Thanks

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Looked at a new P3at today in HC with grey grip.
It looked fine out of the box.
They also had a PF9 same combo.
The P3at looked to have more flashing left over from the molding process but nothing a small amount of 400 sand paper or a dremel couldn't handle.
The rest of the pistol looked like typical P3at.
Started to buy the P3AT and PF9 but talked myself out of it, so far that is.

I have yet to have the joy of holding an older 1st gen P32 or 3AT.

When I researched the 3AT (before I bought) I had seen here and other places that fit and finish may be rough, and I may have to provide some TLC to get the gun looking and running the way I wanted.

I got my 3AT for Conceal Carry/Self Defense. It now serves that purpose very well.

I also own guns that are very nice to look at and fun to shoot and show off, but it is hard for me to conceal carry a 6" SS .357 or a full size .45.

So yeah... they may be a little rough... but they do the job.

All that said, I still like the way the last 3AT I bought looks.
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