First trip to the range.

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by mikedsokc, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. mikedsokc

    mikedsokc New Member

    Mar 9, 2007
    I took my new P3AT to the range for the first time Saturday. I did not do the Fluff & Buff. All I did was clean it, oil it and put grease on the slides. I did blue the barrel because I did not like the look of the raw metal look. I shoot 200 rounds of FMJ through it with no problems. The recoil was no problem at all, but the checkering on the grips hurts after 100 rounds. I also need to put some bright paint on the sights (I could not see them).
  2. adamsesq

    adamsesq New Member

    Dec 25, 2006
    Nice - glad it worked so well for you. I KNOW what you mean about the checkering. Check out the aglaser energy absorbing pads and grip cover - cheap and very very good for the hands:



  3. JFB

    JFB New Member

    Jul 25, 2005
    After 200 rounds. Besure to give it a clean and lube. You will probably find some proud metal that will need to be scraped or filed down. the "normal" areas are
    on the frame rails oppossite the ejector
    on the slide near the trigger bar cam reccess
    in the frame where the recoil rod head fits
    and maybe a flat spot on the recoil rod head where it slides alone the barrel

    Congrates on a fine first outing
  4. Bobo

    Bobo Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jun 13, 2005
    Congrats on your new gun and the great range experience!

    Keep it clean - keep it lubed - keep on shootin'!

  5. mikedsokc

    mikedsokc New Member

    Mar 9, 2007
    I cleaned and lubed the gun tonight. It did have a lot of little burs on the slide and frame. I used 600 grit sandpaper to take them out. I think I want to get the trigger boot for it. The trigger was hurting my finger. It seems accurate as long as you keep it under seven yards. Has anyone tried to knock down the checkering on the grips without making it look bad?
  6. flonder22

    flonder22 New Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    [​IMG]    Hey there mikedsokc, any kind of rubber grip will help and there many ways to enhance the sights. But I seem to hit better if i simply just point and shoot.
  7. flonder22

    flonder22 New Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    And PS. Forget the trigger boot, just use a little of that 600 grit paper on the sharp edges on your trigger. ;)
  8. jocko

    jocko Guest

    This is a "point" and shoot gun, not a target gun.  The sights are worthless in a gun fight, practice POA and get deadley at 7 yards and under and you are then good to go. IMO u will be even more accurate with POA than trying to use those sights..
  9. RAT76

    RAT76 Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    A little sanding on the trigger & inside of the guard works wonders.  On mine I even took a little off the tip of the trigger as it was pinching.  As far as the checkering goes I sanded all sharp points off mine as well.  I also trimmed the mag extension til it was just long enough but not any longer than it needed to be.


    One of the things I really love about these little guys is that you can sand and whittle on them and you are not out much money if you screw up.

    Oh, BTW, +1 jocko. At first I didn't realize it HAD sights. Point shooting this little fella is real easy.
  10. burley

    burley Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2006
    + 1 Jocko. I did paint my sights but I never really aim with them. It just helps orient my point/shoot (mostly I look over the sights) but IMO the hi-vis paint does help in getting on target quicker.

    mikedsokc , I recomend at least a quick field cleaning/lube every 50 rounds or so. Seems to help keep thing going good , these little things do like to be clean and well lubed.