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Alright, just some quick thoughts and observations; not a full review, there's plenty of those.

Before taking it to the range, I greased it up some with light oil from the orange bottle. You know the kind. Re-assemble, wipe off excess with rag.

I figured being long of arm, I'd fully extend the stock for better control. Oops. Turns out in that position, proper cheek weld is not achievable while wearing hearing protection. Not because of the tiny little amount of recoil (see user name), but because the clam shell is in the way. I tried anyway, sure enough, it moved the clam shell on my right ear every time it was the loudest.

I had oval targets, so instead of peeping through rear I just aligned the U shape of the front sight with the target. Passable. Sub inch groups in the general vicinity of the bulls-eye at the full length of the range (25 yards).

Still, it has front AND rear sights so I damn well will use both!

With now greasy hands, fumble out the assembly pin, adjust stock to shortest, put pin back in. Oddly enough, that actually improved things. This time, using both sights, we're down to half inch groups, closer together, and closer to the bulls-eye. Well duh, we're using both sights now:

The carbine fed, cycled and ejected properly from both the included MagPul 10 rounder and the 33 rounder from Midway. Very accurate at the distance tested (I used tiny targets to make up for lack of distance but I know it's not the same), super low recoil, very distinctive sound, sort of a "bark, whip".

And if I wasn't wearing prescription glasses, shooting glasses over them and clam shell electronic hearing protection, ergonomics would have been quicker to figure out also.
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