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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by djsdad, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. djsdad

    djsdad New Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    Hey everyone, I've been looking at the P3AT for about 6 months now. I decided last week that I really wanted to give one a try. So, I bought one yesterday at the gun show. I belong to some other firearm forums and found this one a few days ago. It looks like there is a lot to learn here and stories to be shared. I usually carry a G30, but after last summer I've really been looking for something small that's easy to carry with shorts and tank tops. I could only get away with carrying the G30 like that if the tank top was 2 sizes too big. I love my .45, but sometimes it's just not comfortable or practical for EDC. I can't wait for some range time to give my new little friend a workout. :)
  2. chickinthehat

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    Feb 24, 2008
    I have been carrying the .380 for almost 2 years and I love it. It's reliable, very concealable, and works great under suits or jeans with an Uncle Mike's size 36 inside the pants holster. I have a Kahr K40 for baggy sweatshirts in a DeSantis leather belt mount, or in the fannypack, but you can't beat the P3AT for discreet carry with a loud bark. You'll be surprised how accurate you can be with a little practice...these little guns are consistent. ENJOY! ;)

  3. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Welcome to KTOG.

    You will find the P3AT very easy to carry anywhere
  4. Dreadnought

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Welcome, from a fellow GLOCK 30 owner! I carry my GLOCK 30 whenever it is at all possible. Eleven rounds of 230 grain .45ACP (Winchester Ranger) is a true trouble stopper. But living in Florida, and having to wear shirts that must be tucked in for work, the GLOCK 30 is just not possible every day. I also own a S&W 642 revolver and it is a nice weapon to fill the gap between when I cannot carry the GLOCK 30, but I can carry something a little bigger than my Kel-Tec P3AT. But there are days and attires that REQUIRE something smaller and lighter. In those instances I call my K-T P3AT my "smallest common denominator". It can go where no other substantial firearm can go (for me, .22, .25, and .32 are below my threshold for a human-stopping round...others will vociferously disagree, and that's ok ;)).

    You've chosen well and I hope you enjoy your P3AT as much as I have mine.