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First range report from a Newbie

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After following this board for several months I got my P3AT a couple of weeks ago.
So far I’ve given it a cursory fluff & buff and added a little orange paint to the front sight.  Packer’s mag catch is on the way and most likely a trip to Fuselier plating.  The pics are from my second trip to the range.  The first five shots and the same target with two more 5 shot strings using Fiocchi FMJ at seven yards. (Thirty rounds the first trip, bigger groups but not terrible.)  
This little beast surprised me since I have no experience with this type of shooting.  I’m an old paper puncher and did some metallic silhouette shooting several years ago.  Recoil is bearable.  I had a Model 29 .44 Mag and T/C Contenders (standard and bull barrels) in .30-30 so maybe I’m comparing it to them.
Thanks to all posters for the good tips and advice.

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Nice shooting ! Whenever I see a post like yours, it tells me that I NEED to get MY tail back to the pistol range. :-[
EXCELLENT shooting gabink! That Fiocci ammo is quite accurate, but YOU obviously have the touch to bring out its best.

Great shooting! Mine shoots a bit to the right like yours, but mine shoots a bit high also at that distance.

Hope you have many, many failure free rounds down range!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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