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It came in yesterday from Bud's. FFL called and as I was out on the highway I exited and picked it up. Tore it down last night and cleaned and lubed.
Ran out to the gun club this morning and put about 80 rounds through it. The only 2 things that occurred was the slide stuck back a couple of times on the first mag and sporadically on the next couple. The more I shot the better it got and no subsequent problems on the final 4 mags. I had shot a friends several weeks ago and couldn't believe how much abuse my trigger finger took on the first mag! Well, it wasn't any different today. I had ordered one of pop's triggers when I ordered the P11 and it was waiting in the mail when I got home. Installed in a half hour (read the instructions last night), it took as long to file the clearance in the trigger slot as it did to do the rest of the install.
Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow morning.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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