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Finally got here! Need break in info please.

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Had used a buddies stock Sub2K to figure out what I wanted. Mine finally got here. Happy day! I know I'm ordering the Performance Services trigger and thinking about the Mcarbo spring kit.

Now for break in. I don't see anything in the manual for break in recommendations but on this forum I've seen those in the know write 200-400 rounds of heavy loads. I have military M882 124gr which is +P and hand loaded 147gr over 3.5 grains of TightGroup. Do I need to pick up some factory 147 standard rounds? My reloaded 147's shoot much softer than the 124gr Mil rounds.


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Congrats on the new gun!

I must have missed the posts on break-in because my first few hundred rounds were with Winchester 115 gr white box loads.

Since then I've put everything else through it without any issues, but I could have been lucky.
Break-in questions: Archive

AndyM416, there are a few threads that have a lot of good suggestions for the break-in of your new subbie ;)
I've copied one below to get you started......

Good luck! AoG
Go ahead and upgrade the springs when you upgrade the trigger... thank me later.
I just ran cheapo 115 perfecta from walmart and some cheapo slovakian 124gr ammo. Mine ran perfectly with everything right out of the box, ive yet to have a failure after 500+ rounds.
I basically shot white box and cleaned every 100 rounds. I also keep the bolt well lubricated at each cleaning. My gun is very accurate at 100 yards. no feed issues.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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