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That brass mark should come right off.  An easy way to removed the assembly pin is use a very small screwdriver with some tape wrapped around it on the round part just before the flat blade begins.  This provides a padded fulcrum to lever out the pin.

Wilson said:
[quote author=Kwesi  link=1157061992/0#0 date=1157061992]Can anyone explain "push the barrel back".
The idea is to take pressure off the assembly pin by locking the slide back. Oh, that’s right the P-3AT doesn’t have a slide lock. Some folks rack the slide back and insert a block of wood, hard rubber or plastic to keep the slide back. If pulled back far enough it also gives more room to insert your assembly pin extraction tool.  I personally don’t bother pulling the slide back as I have a very thin APE tool.

I hold my fingers on either side of the assembly pin while I depress the small screwdriver, which is wrapped with electrician’s tape. The tape not only protects the slide but also acts as a fulcrum to slowly remove the pin. With the newer small-head P-3AT assembly pins, I use an even thinner screwdriver.

Wilson – who’s feeling all tingly getting to use that fulcrum word again ;D
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