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As the daughter took some big steps in potty training, we took her out to the local play-pizza place. I spent roughly 90 minutes chasing her through tunnels, two story crawling mazes, slides, up cargo nets, and was in about every position found in the field. All the while the p3at rode iwb with the belt clip. No problems functionality wise or with concealment while wearing levis and a polo shirt.
For a 250$ gun, for concealed carry for my needs as a dad with active kids, this is a no brainer.
Going beyond this, if I had to carry a rifle through all of that (think military obstacle course for smaller bodies), a fill size rifle would be ridiculous. My hats off to the armed forces personal who do it. A folded ak or su16 would be as much as I care to tote. A folded sub2k would be ideal if I had to mimic the movements I made today in the field.
This may sound like a keltec ad, but I'm blown away at what ingenious products are offered for so little. Think of what a kel-tec rifle would cost if h&k was stamped on the side.
Anyway, this is my review.
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