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Federal Hydra-Shok amm

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Just tried to chamber a round of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok ammo in my P3AT -JCHxx - and it wants to jam.  Tried several different rounds to no avail.  Anyone else have the same problem.  Have already fired 25+ Remmington ammo with no problems - ejection manual and auto worked fine.  
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when you say jam

do you mean failure to remove the round from the magazine and get it in the chamber

or due you mean with a round in the chamber, the slide will not go into battery

or due you mean with a round in the chamber, you can not extract it

BTW welcome to KTOG

What RJ said.

And one more question: Are you hand-cycling this thing, or trying to shoot it at the range?
Thanks for your reply. It was hand cycling and failure to get a round from the magazine into the chamber
fjpor said:
Thanks for your reply.  It was hand cycling and failure to get a round from the magazine into the chamber
With weapons this close to minimal tolerances you have to realize that hand cycling them and how they operate during that can be very different from working during actual firing. Take it to the range and then let us know what's happening. My $ is on "works fine."

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Fed HS will hang up if you don't slingshot the slide real good.
I've never had a failure of anykind with it in actual shooting.
Will be trying it out over the 4th holiday and will report results. Thanks.
I too have NOT had a problem with Hydra-shocks. Please note that some owners have had problems with various hollowpoints until after several hundred rounds, non hollow points, had been fired. That's the general break in period required due to the tight manufacturing tolerances.

My gun apparently was the exception to the rule. She would greedily eat the expensive HP's and choke on standard ammunition for the first few hundred rounds. Now my P3AT will eat most anything, except Magtech, when she is clean and well lubricated. If'n you don't already know:

If, your gun fires and cycles the hydra-shocks with out probelms then, great. Otherwise, I really do like and suggest the Remington Golden Sabers for feeding reliability. Both bullets use low flash powers. That to me is a key selling point. I alternate Hydrashock, DPX, and Golden Sabers. I figure one of the bullet types should get through to and hopefully stop the bad guy. If, you choose to interleave bullet types then, please first test fire the interleaved bullets in your gun for its ability to cycle the different rounds.

Good luck.

Fantastic company to buy from with low pricing for bulk ordering. I'm a repeat customer.
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Well, you were right on and with the sling shot loading the first round th hydra-shok worked great. No hanging up at all. Great 4th with a cookout, fireworks and lots of target shooting. What more could you ask for.

We had a great 4th also. But I built a potatoe cannon for the grandkids, 2" caliber, they never had occasion to fire handguns, too crowded. But they loved the cannon shots into the lake. :)
fjpor said:
Well, you were right on and with the sling shot loading the first round th hydra-shok worked great.  No hanging up at all.  Great 4th with a cookout, fireworks and lots of target shooting.  What more could you ask for.

Polishing your feed ramp will do wonders if your inclined to do so. You want to polish, NOT remove or reshape the feed ramp. Start with some 400 grit wet sand paper, then 600 and then use some flitz or mothers metal polish to finish it off. This makes for a very slippery feed ramp which is a good thing. You can get all the supplies you need at your local advance auto store.

Polishing the feed ramp is a preventive maintenance & reliability modification that is well worth doing.
Good to know about the "sling shotting."
While we are talking about +P loads in the Kel-Tec, have any of you boys shot any of the Buffalo Bore loads? I have looked at all of the various load tests posted here for various bullets and loadings, but I did not find anything on the Buffalo Bore 100 grain flat nose, or the 90 grain HP. I found tests for everything else though.

Those loads make the little .380 auto perform like a 9mm in standard loads, or so they claim anyway. I had two boxes (100 grain FP and 90 grain HP) come today from Cabela's, but have not had a chance to fire them yet. I'll rig up the chronograph and take all of this to the range first chance I get and let you boys know what it says.

If any of you have shot this Buffalo Bore ammo, I'd sure appreciate hearing what you have to say about these loadings in the Kel-Tec. If the ballastics are anywhere near what Buffalo Bore claims, they will make the Kel-Tec .380 one nasty little pocket pistol.

It won't make it a .45 ACP, but it'll make me feel a little better when carrying it. The first rule of gun fighting is to have a gun. I ALWAYS have the .380 because anything larger is just too dam big and heavy for daily carry. When I know I'm going to be out late, I take a real pistol, but the Kel-Tec is ALWAYS along too simply because I don't even know I have it. Is this one fine little pocket pistol or WHAT?
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Well thanks fellas. I really appreciate all of your information.
Try the search tool. BB ammo has been extensively discussed in a number of recent threads on this forum, which is probably the reason no-one reposted the info requested.
That and a few other reasons.  BB 380 is pretty new and is not commonly available.  I have never seeen any and no shop I frequent carries it. I haven'6t even seen it at gunshows.  So relatively few folks have tried it and the question was only asked yesterday.  Most members are not here every day.  Some only check in every week or so, some even less.  The odds of someone who has tried BB seeing that post this quickly are about slim to none.
Search tool yielded exactly two results and one of them was my original post above asking about Buffalo Bore ammo. So I guess this means that you boys don't shoot it and have no experience with it in the .380. No matter. I'll check it out myself. Thanks all the same.
The default search time length is one week, which is probably what you left it on. I set it to 1 year and searched the P3AT forum for buffalo bore. I got the maximum... 50 hits.
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