Fail to load on new P-3AT

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Second_Life, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Second_Life

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Went to the range with 50 rounds 380 Auto Sellier & Bellot 92gr FMJ. Had a great time, broke in well, accurate and very pleased. Had a failed to eject only once on the 15ish round which got caught mid ejection otherwise smooth. Then went home and did a proper cleaning/oiling.

    After a couple of days went and loaded 380 Auto Speer LE Gold Dot 90gr HP to get comfortable in carring. When I went to rack the round it seems to get stuck lifting up and snags on the ramp. This happens to most of this ammo but not the Sellier ball rounds.

    Does anyone have ideas or simular racking problems with hollow points?
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    Dec 25, 2006
    2L - welcome.

    The snag on feeding on manually loading a round is not uncommon and rarely has anything to do with how it will work when firing. Some P3ATs experience this more than others and some get better while some do not. Some people get used to bumping the back of the slide to load that first round. Yet another reason why carrying one in the chamber is a good idea.

    Keeping your weapon VERY well lubed (almost dripping) will help this. Even more will be doing the Fluff & Buff (F&B) and polishing to a mirror shine the feed ramp. Finally, MOST of the time you can get these to load just by really sling shotting the slide - or pulling it back and letting it go while you are pushing the weapon forward with your other hand. In other words you are getting the most manual power you can on the slide. These babies are just so close to the operating edge that you need everything to be perfect to get a good manual load. But again, it has little to do with how it will operate while firing.

    Finally, some HPs work better than others. The common consensus seems to be that a more rounded HP will be better. FEW HPs actually do what they are supposed to out of these little guns with minimal power. Do some looking but Golden Sabers and Corbon DPXs seem to be the best in terms of working in the weapon and doing the job on the target.

    Again - welcome!


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    Jun 22, 2008
    Thanks adamsesq,

    Also just got a quick respone from KT customer service via email, great support. They say to continue with ball ammo break-in and proper cleaning/lubing. Let's see......go and shoot some more......sounds good to me!!! :cool:
  4. Welcome to KTOG 2nd life-

    I can't argue with any thing that Scott said- (Well on this thread anyway! ;) )

    I would encourage the fluff and buff, and I have one caution.

    Your post indicates that you have less than 100 rounds... yet you are "get comfortable in carring".

    I think Kel-Tec and most gun makers suggest a certain round count for break in- and I personally want a minimum of 200 consecutive FLAWLESS rounds before I get comfy with a gun for self defense.  Not to say that 200 rounds has to be in the same day, and not without a good clean and lube during the string-  but still - I do not want any failures for 200 rounds down range.

    All three of my 3AT's now meet that requirement- but it took some TLC to get them there.


  5. Now that is not common at all!
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    Jun 27, 2008

    +1! In addition to the "f&B," I use Cor-bon pow'r ball ammo, it has a compressed lead core that makes it feed just like ball ammo. Never had an issue with it.
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    Oct 31, 2007
    +1 on the Pow'R'Ball. It is the polymer ball cap that gives it the enhanced feeding reliability. It is the most reliable feeding HD round I have ever used. I carry it in the .380 and in 9mm. It also won't plug because of the ball, and the ball also guarantees expansion upon impact.