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    Re: .380 ammo availablity posts here

    The fluff/buff sure won't hurt and may well cure your problem. a little more break-in won't hurt either.
    Different ammo may be the answer. I know from experience it can get expensive trying all the stuff available and with the current ammo shortage it may be imposible to get your hands on much of a selection. It seems FMJ is more reliable than HP when it comes to feeding.
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    Welcome to KTOG, I moved your question from the ammo availabilty post into the general discussion area

    CLEAN, LUBE, shoot ;)
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    Not knowing how much you shoot, or how familiar you are with little guns, but I think that some my FTE stuff at the begining was me learning the gun. You can carry it for SD when you are comfortable with it. That is one you will need to answer yourself. Good luck, keep plinking. Lop
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    Oct 7, 2009
    I used cci blazer as well as regular factory fmj within that breakin period. I have only squeezed about twenty of the hp, with no jams. I did not use a dremel tool and polishing solution on the feed ramp as of yet but golden loki and even ktog says its not absolutely necessary. I need to find ammo reasonably priced and get to the range.
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    Dec 7, 2008
    My P3AT has been 100% flawless even through the break in. About all I did to it was polish the feed ramp and the barrel before going to range the first time. I put 200 rounds through it the first trip. It is recommended you use all hard ball ammo for the 200 rounds to fully polish the feed ramp as the gun breaks in. For SD I carry Hornady Critical Defense. I switched to those from Golden Sabers based on GoldeLoki's ballistics result for the Rem GS. http://www.goldenloki.com/ammo/gel/380acp/gel380acp.htm. The Rem GS cycled fine though. So to did Wolf Gold HPs. The Wolf Gold is a copy of the Hydro-Shock HP Federal uses.
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    Good suggestions.  Polishing will never hurt and can only help.  Proper lube is importatnt.  Try some different rounds too (it sounds like you've been shooting the same thing). These can be ammo picky, especially in the early stages, and get a few more through it before you get too discouraged, although at 150, it should be about broken in.

    And, rule this out...