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Yes it does.

Remove the magazine.
Make sure the gun is not loaded - Make sure the gun is not loaded - Make sure the gun is not loaded.
Leave it fully assembled without a magazine in it.
Make sure the hammer is fully forward (in the fired position, contacting the firing pin). Dry fire it if necessary. This will prevent the firing pin from shooting out.

You should be fine after that...

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I use a parrifin/teflon lube that has a wax buildup.  during normal biweekly shoot a magazine, clean and lube; I pour this mix into firing pin and use recoil rod to work FP and blow out excessive.  I have pulled the firing pin for cleaning about every nine  months.  See earlier post about drill size for cleaning.  

Here is a past post with another method of pulling the pin
JFB said:
The firing pin will pop out and go several feet, when the allen screw has been loosen several turns if it has a non-clipped spring  (hard to find in carpet :eek:)  I have clipped a couple coils off mine

1) remove magazine and verify chamber is empty
2) ensure a very good fit of the allen wrench (2mm or 5/16") besure it has a good end, the ball end aren't recommended
(if needed to weaken the lock-tite: use a soldering gun, touch the screw for a couple seconds)
3) loosen the screw a couple turns, you'll hear a click when the pin pops against the hammer.  
4) remove the screw and spring.  shake out the extractor.
5) remove the assembly pin and remove the slide, keeping the barrel pointing down.
6) with slide removed, the firing pin will fall out when slide is pointed up.
7) the FP spring can be shaken out or picked out of the slide.  I paper Q-tip stem (cut the cotton head off) came be screwes LEFT handed into the spring.


1) replace the extractor into the slide.
2) start the screw, with spring, only a couple turns.  A thin coat of lock-tite on the center of the threads.
3) insert spring into slide, insert FP, insure notch is orieneted towards screw as best as possible.
4) using the recoil guide rod, press the FP in.
5) using minimun torque, run the screw in, while working the FP in and out slightly.  This should allow the notch to align as screw engages.
6) the torque to run the scew in will increase when compressing the leaf spring.
7) besure that the allen wrench is a good fit, and that FP is still free (using guide rod).  tighen the screw with just finger and thumb.  #6-32 maximun torque is only about 10 inch-pounds(try not to strip the head).

regrip said:
How often should the fireing pin be taken out and that area be cleaned? Thanks. Tom   :)
personally for me, I just use the high pressure non cholorinated automotive cleaner sprays and just shoot it down the firng pin hole front and back, It will clean perfectly and drys fast, then a drop of oil on the back of the firing pin hole . I just would not mess with that buttonhead screw anymore than need be. U can keep that area clean with a good pressure spray cleaner--PERFECTLY TO.. :-X
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