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  1. rizo

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    Apr 17, 2009
    I can`t seem to find any 380 ammo around the phoenix area-happened to stop in at CABELA`S today and walla they had ammo ,but a RUSSIAN brand with steel casing which I don`t want for my kel tec and also a brand called PPC made in IBERIA..comes in a blue box...never heard of it so didn`t get it .although was loaded fmj 94 grain..Has anyone used this stuff before ?? any good ???or should I even bother with it and just wait till I find something I`am used to shooting ??But honestly thats the only ammo in 380 i`ve seen in past 6 months..By the way it was no cheaper than WINCHESTER OR REMMMINGTON at $17 per 50 rounds and russian ammo at $14 per 50 rounds forgot name of it but not WOLF BRAND..Anyway what do you think??
  2. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Personally, I would avoid steel cased ammo in a P3AT. 380 ammo has been making a pretty good come back. If nothing else, it is available on line if you look around.

  3. Picatinny_Pete

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    Sep 2, 2009

    I'd stay away from the Russian 380 ammo, the boxes of Russian 360 Auto ammo I've seen are not marked with the CIP logo (the international equivalent of SAAMI.) I think it runs the risk of being inconsistent and jamming your P3AT. Like TxCajun, I've also noticed 380 Ammo availability around here increasing too so I'd hold out for the good stuff.

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