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Went to the range today at lunchtime w/ a friend who just got a new S&W 308 BG. Tried to talk him into a P3AT for days, he was determined to have the S&W b/c of the laser and our boss has one - such is life.

Anywho, this gave ME the perfect opportunity I had been meaning to do for some time to "real world function test" my P3AT which as others have stated and many of us do, gets carried a lot and shot a little. I am one of those who if I know I am going shooting ahead of time (and I always do) spend the day or night before cleaning and lubing everything to make sure all goes well. I had wanted to do one of these "walk in as it is and dump my carry ammo" sessions for a while now, but just kept not doing it, or wanting to shoot more than 100 rounds or so every time I went.

So we walk in, I set up my stuff (still took all my range gear anyway, just took my P3AT as it was though w/ it's 2 spare mags I always carry w/ it. Needless to say it functioned as was flawlessly and all ammo went off as planned / advertised.

Two interesting things though -

1. Going in "as is" w/ no pre-cleaning or lube as usual before, she got about 1/2 though a box off ammo (after 3 full carry mags to start with, so 40 some odd rounds or so) you could tell she was starting to get "dry", as the action was not cycling as smooth when chambering a round from a fresh mag. She STILL cycled fine when shot, and had no FTF or FTE. Just a little rough manual cycling, and nothing you wouldn't see out of properly lubed gun after a LOT of ammo anyway.

2. Again, these guns get carried a lot and shot a little. It is a little disconcerting when after lighting off 6 rounds to suddenly realize just how quick they go when you are used to handling larger guns or even rifles that hold a LOT more ammo. My HD gun and gun and leave in my car for work (not allowed CCW at work :( ) are Glocks, and I guess I am just used to the usual 10, 13 or 15 rounds w/ them before they run out when shooting them at the range, rather than just 6 little .380 rounds. :) As much as I like carrying the little P3AT and as easy as it is to do so, I think it is now going to become more a "back up" piece than a "main carry" gun it has been, b/c having a lot more ammo on hand is one of those comforting feeling kind of things. :) DON'T get me wrong, I do NOT plan on now or need one of those 33 round Glock 9mm mags in my carry gun, but just knowing there are a little more than just 6 rounds before I am out makes me for one feel better. :)

I recommend everyone to try this w/ their carry / HD gear if they have not. It gives you a real taste REAL fast of how well this set up you probably thought long and hard about will work at any given moment and if there are in flaws in your plan either.



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I feel your pain. Do most people count their rounds so they do not have an unattentional dry fire? I accidentally did this a few times while at the range the last time. I guess I need to inspect my firing pin and retaining bolt/screw. I wonder if KT will ever develop a 380 that will have the slide lock back after the last round? I guess I need to get used to counting the rounds.

I have to agree its good to do this once in a while just to know everything is still good. Myself I check and lube my carry and HD weapons often, just the way I was raised...

As to the other comment... please please don't just learn to count your rounds but be able to "feel" when its empty. If SHTF you dont want to be standing there having shot 6 rounds and think you still have one left. Its very important to know how many rounds is left in your sidearm. My point being, if you cant keep track of how many rounds you have left in your weapon at the range what makes you think you will when it counts.
Heres an idea, when you "real world" function test, test yourself as well... drop the mag on that last round (or what you think is your last) and slap in your spare. Now check both... did you fire all 12 or just 10? or did you have the gun go click and no boom?

Just my 2 cents worth...
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