Engraved Kel Tec

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by zbang, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. zbang

    zbang New Member

    Jan 7, 2006
    If any one would like there Kel Tec Engraved please PM me, the turn around time is 5-7 business days.



  2. virtual-rj

    virtual-rj New Member

    Jul 22, 2007
    Houston, TX
    zbang gets a BIG +10000000 in my book. this is the virtual-rj seal of approval.

    he does fine fine work.

  3. Hillbilly_Jim

    Hillbilly_Jim Member

    Aug 22, 2008
    mid Mo
    Freaking fantastic. Send me a pm with info and pricing. My wife would go crazy. Looks great.
  4. jbadjones

    jbadjones New Member

    Feb 28, 2009
    About how much does something like that cost? Just a general price.
  5. Plus_One

    Plus_One New Member

    Jan 2, 2009
    How much?

    And what would it do to a Hard Chrome slide?

    Great work.
  6. RCACFBilly

    RCACFBilly New Member

    Mar 29, 2008
    Don't you just hate it when you cannot get a price? If I can't get a price, I figure it must be too much and forget it completely.

  7. Plus_One

    Plus_One New Member

    Jan 2, 2009
    Hi Zbang, still interested.

    Let me know how much & where to send the slide, etc.

    Great work!