Ejector...finally happened

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by jeep45238, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. jeep45238

    jeep45238 New Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    I don't now when it happened, but sometime between summer and now I lost my ejector to my P3AT. It shot fine without it, and didn't stovepipe on the last shot either.

    Does anybody know if a metal one is made? I'd rather put a piece of steel in there, or aluminum, and give the frame less of a beating. I'll live with the plastic one if I have to though :p
  2. adamsesq

    adamsesq New Member

    Dec 25, 2006
    Assuming you really do mean ejector (and I am guessing you do - part #115), I believe KNOW (so says my magnet) they are steel to begin with...


  3. xcop1105

    xcop1105 New Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    you have to keep a good eye on it. it is steel .
  4. jeep45238

    jeep45238 New Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    *shrugs* looked like plastic as my foggy memory is telling me :-?

    Off to KelTec I call....between the hours of 8am and 4pm EST......

    Dang bankers hours.
  5. Jim_Young

    Jim_Young New Member

    Aug 1, 2007
    I don't think mine has ever been there. I've never seen it anyway. Did a F&B on it before I shot the first round and I'm sure I didn't loose it then. Anyway, that was 6 months and a couple hundred rounds ago...never had a problem. As it shoots just fine without it I never bothered calling to get one. Is it really necessary? Am I doing any harm without it?

  6. gpr

    gpr New Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    north palm beach
    welcome to the ejector club...get a couple of them, cause it will happen again....hopefully you will remember where put the spare... :-[..gpr
  7. nicneufeld

    nicneufeld New Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    I've come close to losing the bugger a few times!

    A dab of grease on the new one to "stick" it in the frame might help a tiny bit...it'll still fall out, but not as readily.
  8. alamo

    alamo New Member

    Sep 12, 2004
    I'm on my 3rd. Welcome to the club. You're in good company.
  9. c0wboi38

    c0wboi38 New Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    Never lost one, on either 3AT. Yet.

    I DO have 3 spares though. ;)
  10. jeep45238

    jeep45238 New Member

    Jul 7, 2007

    Probably not, but I don't like the thought of fast moving brass hitting a soft aluminum frame at full force as the only means of ejection. Does it work fine? Yes. Does the hard anodizing help? Yes. It's still soft aluminum under there, and I just want to divert the direct forces away from it.
  11. raybsc

    raybsc New Member Supporter

    Oct 9, 2006
    Does it count if you dropped it almost everytime and had to do an on the knees with flashlight type search more than once? ;D
    If my failing eyes and mind will let me see to dial and remember to ask for one I'll get Kel Tec to send me one.
    Funny how I never seem to remember that it will just fall out.
  12. marv

    marv New Member

    Jun 3, 2007
    My ejector would hit the benchtop every time I field stripped my P3AT. I applied a small drop of 3M #847 Industrial Adhesive to the mating surfaces. Now it is part of the gun all the time.
  13. TxCajun

    TxCajun Administrator Staff Member Supporter

    Sep 7, 2004
    So long as you can remove it should it need replacing.
  14. adamsesq

    adamsesq New Member

    Dec 25, 2006
    What would it take to take it out if you wanted to?

  15. Boggs51

    Boggs51 New Member

    Jan 6, 2007
    I can't remember how many times I've had to get out the flashlight and look for that little thing. Finally put a dab of Super Glue on it and haven't lost it since!
  16. kaltectom

    kaltectom New Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    Yep.....put a dab of grease on it before you insert in in the slot!!
  17. Copdills

    Copdills New Member

    Nov 10, 2007
    Hello Guys:

    mine fell out when I was cleaning my P3AT , I just stuck it back on didn't really see any was to tighten it up, did I miss something in reff to keeping it in
  18. JFB

    JFB New Member

    Jul 25, 2005
    Apperantly you weren't looking close. the ejector doesn't fall out, they jump out and start running. You were lucky to see it before it some how finds its way back to the factory. KT is well aware how home sick this guys are and there is no questions asked when you have to call and ask to have it sent back ;D ;D ;D ;D

    In a more serious tone, yelp, they are loose. a little grease helps, but the best is to remeber to put it in a safe when you take the slide/barrel off.
  19. adamsesq

    adamsesq New Member

    Dec 25, 2006
    Anyone who has a P3AT knows that your first paragraph WAS serious. I can't help but wonder if you meant a "safe place?" I find that as wiley as those little critters are, they have zero climbing ability. If you put them in the cap of the spray can you are using to clean your weapon (Gun Scrubber, CLP, etc) they may rattle around but will generally not escape. I have not found it necessary to lock them in the gun safe during cleaning. ;)

  20. JFB

    JFB New Member

    Jul 25, 2005

    I was hoping you could provide a little more into how they can make it back to FLA on there own. Didn't National Geographics have something on this