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Hi All...

I have had a P3AT for a few years and I can shoot it with no trouble, but when some people shoot it the mag drops out. I had always assumed that this was because some people have hands shaped to hit the mag catch.

Then, I saw a friends P3AT and he has a much stiffer mag catch spring.

Short of sending the gun back to KelTec (I want to avoid the expense) what can I do to fix this? Even though I can shoot it, I would prefer it work properly for everyone.

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+1 On what Tx. said.

I had the same issue with one of my friends shooting my 3AT.  HE dropped them everytime.

My solution was the metal mag catches, filed down to just above the grip.

A bonus is the metal catches look so nice!

This photo show the metal catch on two of mine... the Blue Gripped Chromed 3AT did not have one installed when the photo was taken.

2PP recently told me the 3AT metal mag prooduction will be up again soon, so you may consider getting an order in to him.

If you want free plastic ones, they are free from Kel-Tec if you CALL and talk to the service (not parts) department.  

Toll free 1-800-515-9983.......................M-F 8am-4pm EST

Don't ask for spares, simply tell them you gun is dropping mags and you want to replace the catch and spring.
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