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    Jan 14, 2009
    Couldnt Trade or finde a G22 SUB2K, so I AM KEEPING THIS ONE

    :)  I have a BRAND NEW SIG Gripped .40 S&W SUB-2000 in OD green  , never fired, NIB that I recieved as an error when I ordered a G22 SUB.  I really want the Glock 22 version of the .40 S&W SUB.  I really dont care about the color, but it has to be in good condition.  I will accept blue, or hard chrome, or parkerized SUB 2K.  I will ship to your FFL and vice-versa.  No money to change hands. PM me if you have questions.
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    Apr 27, 2008

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    Re: WTT NIB SUB .40 S&W OD Green for G22 Grip SUB2

    Super - email sent just a few minutes ago. I hope you find someone for a trade, as I know that's really what you're looking for. I just wish it were a 9mm.

    BTT for a sweet (and hard to come by) rifle.