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Only a few guys have come up with really useful aftermarket upgrade parts for the RDB.
The RDB-526 flared magwell thingy sold on the KT website,
The Lucky Irishman forearms and bolt release,
Mcarbo light trigger spring,
Thats about it. Until now.

Dan Haga, If you peruse his offerings, , this guy is awesome.
He must have punched out this flared magwell for RDB as an afterthought.
Or was there something about the other one that just kept him awake at night knowing he could make a much better one? I'm glad he did.

This piece, as many have already said, is completing the RDB magwell the way KT should have done it from the beginning. I don't know a better complement that that.

This magwell part is solid, finished, and fits perfectly.
Mine had a slight interference issue in the rear, (yellow arrows) but easily relieved with some filing. I chose to file on the RDB and remove some flash. (guys at DHD have said they are adjusting this area on future production)
Once in place, it's a perfect fit.
This is definitely staying on my RDB.
Thanks Dan!
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