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New member here. Thought I would share my recent Kel Tec customer service experience.

Bought a first Gen P3AT from a relative a few years ago. Took it to the range without oiling or cleaning it (my mistake) . After a dozen rounds the slide locked up making the gun unusable. I put it away and forgot about it for years. While cleaning up the gun safe I came across it and decided to reach out to customer service.

Long story short they told me to send it back for repairs. After 6 weeks (they advised me it would take at least 6 weeks) I was pleasantly surprised by an email that said Kel Tec was shipping a package to my house.

Much to my surprise, I opened the box to find a brand new P3AT Gen 2! Kel Tec just earned a new and loyal customer.

Made a quick leather wallet holster for it last night and hope to get out to the range tomorrow.

Kel Tec has phenomenal customer service. I couldn't be happier.
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