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olddoc said:
Appreciate the advice. I will go back and futz with mine again. Not happy that the lady at CT told me the gap was normal. For those who have no gap. How tight did you turn the screws. I can't tell if they are screwing into plastic or if there is a metal sleeve. I'm scared of stripping them.
You should not have to "tighten" the screws in order to close a "gap".   Over tightening the screws to force the pieces together will strip the screw threads.  The two pieces should fit together around the trigger guard fairly well before you even begin to tighten any screws.  Likely you do not have the two pieces properly aligned with tabs connecting, etc.  This will cause the laser not to fit properly.  As for the "fuzzy" dot, this seems to be normal for a laser sight device beyond a couple of feet.  All of mine seem to do this to one degree or another.  Not really a problem or issue, as the idea is simply to place the "dot" on the target at the normal shooting distance (3-7 yards) and fire away.  Whether the edges of the dot are fuzzy or not won't make much difference.  Remember, the laser sight is not a "target" shooting device, but simply helps defensive shooting.  Works fine for me at normal distances on or off the range.  

Jim R
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