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Lotsa folks have asked, so here you go.  ;)

Everyone (mostly) shoulda got one of these with your KT.

With about 35 cents worth of black thread and a needle, you can make a pocket holster out of it.

I'll go ahead and walk y'all through it.

Things you'll need:

Black thread (fine).
Thread ripper, or use a pocket knife.

That's it!

Start by removing the trim (carefully) from around the case. Save it, because you will reuse it.

After that is off, carefully remove the zipper and disgard it. Or, you can use it to add a zipper pocket to your ballistic vest carrier if you like doing that kind of stuff and wear a vest.

Now, take the open case and fold it around the gun and an extra mag (if you decide to section off a pocket for the mag... you don't need to but why not).

Next, pinch it tight with the slide to the right, barrel down, with the opening to the left and the KT embroidery readable from the front. Position it so the gun is even inside and completely covered by the case. This is important for fit.

Next, take a white grease pen or crayon (forgot that in the list of supplies) and mark off an arch for the opening, carefilly, matching the picture below and carefully cut to fit.

Once you've done that, take some of your trim and run it from the bottom right corner of the fold ("C" corner : kel-teC) off to the left and up to the middle of the left side like in this same picture. Cut to fit.

Now, find someone that can sew and stitch the trim onto the case to seal the bottom.

Next, use the remainder to add trim to the "front" and "back" of the "ramps". You are not stitching the two together, but adding singular pieces of trim for looks and durability. Run it from where it ended on the left from the bottom "joining" piece to the top of the ramp. You are going to connect the two with another small piece between the two where your rear sight rests. Trim off the extra scraps and make sure you use good stitches spaced close together.

Now, flip it over to the back side. Put your mag and pistol into the holster and snug them. Find the "tension" points and apply point stiches with multiple layers of loops for strength. I did about 10-12 passes. Here are the points to stitch. There are five of them. Four on the bottom in a square and one up in the middle to seperate the postol and mag entry holes.

That's pretty much it. I know the instructions are rudamentary but y'all are a bright bunch. This is what you should end up with...

I'd love to take credit for the idea, but I'm not the first. Good shootin' folks. Stay safe!


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Re: Creating a P3AT/32 pocket holster with a KT ca

Fantastic! Just Fantastic. Any way to make this a permanent addition to the "Roll Your Own" section in the Accessories:Holsters section of the KTOG front page?

Nice work!
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