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I've taken out my CP33 to the range several times. Each time I've had several failure-to-feed problems. Most of the time its stripping the 1st round off of a magazine, sometime its in the middle of a magazine.
I always check for the nice tick-tock, zig-zag cartridge pattern in both sides of the quad stack magazine - so I'm very confident its not rim locking.
The problem manifests itself in 2 ways.. the bolt won't close, it just stops as it hits the first round (bizzare right?), 2nd issue is that the round doesn't find the barrel. it just jams up at a 45 deg angle instead of feeding into the barrel.
It seems to do this on both mags. It seems to do this clean or after a few hundred rounds.

This gun is a tack driver. Very accurate. I really want to like it. But I can't use it in 22LR competitions if it fails-to-feed on a regular basis.

Looking for other's experience and possibly some recommendations.

22lr swell in the weather and in the manufacturing process. Check your rounds in a revolver if the rounds do not fit in the cylinder, it will never cycle in your mag. It's a pain but it works. I buy cheap 22lr rounds that's the price of saving money, more work. Not sure if expensive rounds don't have the same problem. ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT
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