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I've taken out my CP33 to the range several times. Each time I've had several failure-to-feed problems. Most of the time its stripping the 1st round off of a magazine, sometime its in the middle of a magazine.
I always check for the nice tick-tock, zig-zag cartridge pattern in both sides of the quad stack magazine - so I'm very confident its not rim locking.
The problem manifests itself in 2 ways.. the bolt won't close, it just stops as it hits the first round (bizzare right?), 2nd issue is that the round doesn't find the barrel. it just jams up at a 45 deg angle instead of feeding into the barrel.
It seems to do this on both mags. It seems to do this clean or after a few hundred rounds.

This gun is a tack driver. Very accurate. I really want to like it. But I can't use it in 22LR competitions if it fails-to-feed on a regular basis.

Looking for other's experience and possibly some recommendations.


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It's possible to have the dual zig zap pattern in the back of the quad stack mag and still have rim locks, but it's difficult to rim lock when loading this magazine so it's probably safe to assume that's not what's happening.

Have you tried pushing down on a fully loaded magazine to feel the amount of friction inside the 33 round magazines? The round should quickly pop up when released.

The times I've had similar problems, I was trying to feed 60 gr Aguila SSS subsonic ammo, which I knew to be very unlikely to be reliable, and it wasn't. The big waxy lead bullets were dragging inside the magazine.

What ammo are you using? The CP33 won't like any ammo with loosely crimped bullets, ex. several varieties of Remington ammo, including most if not all of their lower cost bulk ammo such as Golden Bullet.

The CP33 probably won't like exposed lead bullets if they have sticky wax lube that can deposit inside the magazine and gum up the works. Are you shooting bare lead with wax lube? Did the feeding problem develop after a few magazines? If so, that might indicate that the wax lube has gummed up your magazines. Cleaning the magazines is somewhat problematic. Harsh cleaners including alcohol can permanently damage the magazine body. I'd disassemble the mag and clean the parts in hot soapy water.

I'm probably going to shoot copper plated 40 gr standard velocity ammo in my CP33.
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