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Counter Offer?

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There's a listing in my local paper for a "Keltec 380 125 rounds ammo $275."  Seems to me the price is pretty high considering I can special order it through my local dealer NEW and with warranty for $250.  So assuming this is standard stock 3AT and in decent shape, what would a decent counter-offer be?  I've never seen one of these used in any of the racks I've visited.
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If it includes 125 rounds ammo with the gun, I'd say it's a STEAL!

As others will tell you, the warranty is not really an issue.  Kel-Tec will still honor the warranty, even if you're not the original owner.

If the seller's ad simply means that only 125 rounds have been fired through the gun, then it's still fairly "new" -- only slightly broken in, which is a good thing.  $275 isn't exactly highway robbery (even w/o the ammo), but you might try to talk him down some.

How long would you have to wait to get a new one ordered through your LGS at $250?  If the wait is worth it to you, you probably won't do much better than that these days.
For what it's worth, there's a few under glass locally for about $280 new. The place I'd order from is cheaper and I've been told it would take a week or so. Do I counter and for what?
You need to ask the guy if it comes with 125 rounds of ammo. That's what it sounds like to me and in the current market that ammo is worth $50-100 depending on what ammo it is.
Depends on if it comes with 125 rounds of ammo or not. If it does, don't counter. Get off the computer and call him IMMEDIATELY!

If it doesn't come with the ammo, I would say $225-230 would be a VERY good price on a used p3at. But given the laws of supply and demand in today's market, I haven't seen anyone selling them for that low around here!
That sounds like a great deal. Some people might pay that much for the ammo alone these days. ;D
You could always start low like $225 or $250 but if I was the seller I wouldn't budge from that asking price for anything. You may also want to see how many magazines he has. They only come with one so extras would be added value also.
You also have to consider the fees that your LGS would add on top of the $250 (sales tax, shipping, etc.). You might not walk out of there for less than $275 anyway.
If you really want one, then run, don't walk, and get it.
Around here, they don't last a week, and for more than that.
The 125 rds of any ammo makes it better.
I would take it at this price if its as advertised.
I paid $275.00 for mine new at my LGS. With 125 rounds of ammo I'd gladly pay the asking price if I had the funds.
alzona said:
There's a listing in my local paper...
oh, where might that be ;)
OK, I called but had to leave a message on a cell phone. Who knows what will come of it. Thanks for all the input- I love KTOG for this reason- a lot of fellow gun nuts on the computer when they should be working all waiting to help me out with a question.
alzona said:
a lot of fellow gun nuts on the computer when they should be working all waiting to help me out with a question.
Reading these posts make me so glad I had the foresight to buy two P3ATs (well if the truth be known so I'd have one mainly for practice and the other mainly for carry). I've got a Blued/Black (J2Rxx) and a HC/Gray (JPMxx) and would have to be offered a handsome price before I'd sell either. If I were down to one I'd have to be certain that it could readily be replaced before I'd consider selling it at any but a most ridiculously high price.

Take care...
The cheapest P3AT I have seen all year was $329 new. Every one I have seen in the gun shops has been overpriced.
Again, thanks guys. I should have jumped on it sooner. I left message but no reply which to me means one thing . . . Anyway, now I have a little better idea of what I'm looking at spending to get one.
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