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Was at the range sighting in a new scope on my CMR and half way thru, the mag started getting failure to feed.. Now this CMR has had almost 0 malfunctions for the last couple hundred rounds.. Out of the box it had a couple hiccups but ironed out after about 30-45 rounds. Now back to today... I removed the mag and turned it over and rounds started to fall out. So I noticed the follower wasn't all the way to the feed lips so I removed the base and out fell the spring in several pieces. I did notice there was rust on the spring but this CMR or the mag hasn't been out in the rain or left in the elements, checked my other mags and they have a coating of some sort but this one was very rough and no coating. Has anyone else had this problem?

Well contacted Kel-Tec so hopefully will hear from them in a couple days..
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