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If you can name a chronograph I have not shot over, I would be shocked. From $5K to $50, and still have not shot one. I have sold PACTs, Shooting Chrony's and a few others I bought just because I found something that works better.

Like buzzsaw, I have a CED M2 with all the bells and whistles. I have had one sensor go bad. CEDs charge to fix it was more than just buying a new sensor. It is good, and I have had various times where it faulted. In fact, this response prompted me to get a photo and finally list it for sale, so thanks.

I bought a Caldwell and have tested it against some others. I have a light tripod for it and the whole thing goes in a small tool bag. Connect it to my smart phone and it works like a charm. I actually prefer it over the CED, and a lot cheaper and easier to set up.

I shot a few hundred rounds over a Magneto Speed last week and apart from getting it mounted, it works well. Also has a smart phone connection which is a big deal to me. But I own a few guns I have not yet been able to mount it to. This spring I am going to make a rest that I can mount the picatinny rail adapter on a slide to overcome that.

I shot over one right when they came out and got a lot of faults, but it seems that they have improved and upgraded enough that it is no longer an issue. I would not dissuade you from getting a MagnetoSpeed.
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