Chrome 3AT & Ruger LCP

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by powwowell, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. powwowell

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    Apr 15, 2007
    I ran across a HC 3AT and an LCP this afternoon. The 3AT was tagged at $319.95 and the LCP at $339.95.

    The Ruger was nice. I don't know if it was functioning correctly, but the slide hold open stop was not working with an empty mag. And it was difficult to manually engage the stop.

    I prefer the appearance of the HC 3AT. Kinda of makes my heart go THUMP THUMP! I asked the clerk his very best price for each gun. He called his boss and the answer was $319 OTD for the 3AT and $353 OTD for the LCP. By the way this shop is in Wiinterville, NC.

    I was willing to give $290 for the 3AT or the LCP. Due to the general unavailability of the LCP I might have been willing to pay a few dollars more, but this seems like price gouging to me. Due to the "best price" quoted, I passed on both and didn't make a counter offer. What would you have done?

  2. Sangueffusor

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    May 13, 2007
    I would have bought the HC P3AT pretty quickly.

  3. TKO

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    Aug 19, 2006
    The slide stop on the Ruger is NOT designed to lock the slide back on the last shot or with an empty mag.  It is designed to hold the slide back for inspection/cleaning, etc.  Here is a pretty decent article on the Ruger:
  4. I would have bought did buy them BOTH!   ;D


    And pow TKO was correct..........the LCP slide stop has nothing to do with the last round.  IMHO it is worthless.  

    Becasue of the size of the gun and the TINY size of the slide release, I would not try to use it to load one in the pipe.  

    I really can't figure out why Ruger put it on there, except maybe as a marketing tool.

    But I do like the LCP.

    EDIT TO ADD:  My OTD price for the LCP was $303
  5. hink105

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    Apr 26, 2008
    It will be interesting to find out how they both shoot new. I have P3AT (which is currently on its way for sevice, the trigger will not engage) and also a Ruger LCP which has 500 + rounds fired with no problems at all. the P3AT will only shoot rem golden sabers anything else has problems FTF,FTE. (yes I have done the fluff-n-buff, tightened ext scew ect,) The LCP functioned perfect with wolf gold hp, rem golden sabers,win wht box flat nose target,rem umc, and lellier&bellot. this straight out of the box. I think kel-tec is going to have to step it up or be left in the powder smoke of the Ruger LCP !!! hink105 CCW holder Peoria Az. good luck
  6. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    So happy your LCP3AT is doing great (like the vast majority of P3AT's are) and sorry your P3AT is not (like some LCP3AT's also will not be.)  Hopefully it will be fine upon return.  Too bad you didn't come here first, we could have helped you through fixing it.  That's the beauty of the Kel-Tec and KTOG.  Here we have the expertise, experience and desire to help others through the issues that BOTH of the weapons have proven to have.  

    And just in case you didn't realize it, here is the Kel-Tec Owner's Group.   We are not blind with regard to the issues of these little babies but we are pretty much leary of people who come here bashing them and singing the praises of another brand with both of their first two posts.

  7. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Sorry pal, I've been reading the Ruger Forum.  There are plenty of issues with the LCP...  frame battering/peening, slide problems, barrel issues, FTF/FTE a variety of rounds, FTF on the last round, trigger bar issue, mag catch problems, an impotent slide stop that's hard to engage...  The list grows weekly.  None of these are deal-breakers.  They simply prove that a pistol this small, light and powerful will not be as reliable as a 2 pound hunk of steel, but these guns play a different role.  However, comparatively speaking, there a darn few LCPs out there yet to be seeing this number of pesky problems.  And, considering Ruger had the advantage of stealing the P3AT design, I don't see enough of an improvement to get terribly excited yet.  In fact, I just bought a new HC P3AT this past weekend.  Not an LCP to be seen - not that I was looking.  I'm glad you got 500 rounds through yours, but around here, that's hardly a record. ::)
  8. engineer88

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Thanks for the pic Nu_Agin_Shooter. I gotta be honest though, seeing them both side by side like that. I honestly prefer the looks of the P3AT. It is just sexier and more stream-lined-looking to me. But I have been known to love a few ugly guns. ::)
  9. BillK

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    Jul 23, 2007


      Also seems like price gouging to me.  :(  Picked up a HC gray gripped P3AT 3-4 Saturdays ago. Asking price was $269.95 and I offered to pay cash for $5.00 off. Got the gun for $264.95 plus Connecticut sales tax.  ;D

    take care...
  10. Just to confirm:

    Three LCP's were delivered to my LGS  (Scott- that means Local Gun Shop... ;))

    Mine--- 200 rounds failures of any kind.

    A new friend, who by the way may decided to let me do the KTOG fluff and buff on it, has had multiple fail to feed problems.

    The third, no report as of yet... I don't think the owner has had time to shoot it.

    SO............based on local reports...statistics show 50% of the LCP's have problems.  :D

    No where near the percentages of the KT's.!

    As already noted by many...there is not substantial difference in the two guns.  They are both on the engineering edge and as such, may be hard to get "tuned in".  

    I had many problems with my first 3AT.  To the point that I wanted to get rid of it.

    Thanks to the good members of KTOG... I hung in, followed their hints and tips....and now have a KT 3AT with hundreds of trouble free rounds!
  11. PshootR

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I saw a used aftermarket hard chrome and melted P3-AT at Shooter's Den Gun & Archery in Winter Park, Florida for $229. Looked nice but I passed. Figured if the slide needed to be replaced I'd get a blued one back from K/T.
  12. RAT76

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    Aug 21, 2006
    This is a point I've been trying to figure out how to address.  Here goes;

    Size of a carry weapon is not just length, width, height & weight.  There is also volume to consider.

    For example; the P3 & LCP.  They are both the same size but the KT has a trimmer shape.  It takes up less space.  I've run into this with my P40,  Yes there are other guns out there the same or even slightly smaller in that length width height class but they all have a bulkier slide.  The shape of the weapon has as much or more to do with it's concealability thant the over all dimensions.

    One of these days I'd like to do some testing.  Take one of my KTs, enclose it in saran wrap or a baggie & see how much water is displaced.  Then do the same test with a competitor's gun.

    This is why I prefer my KTs.  Trim & dare I say sexy looking.  Not blocky & dull.

    ;)   ;D
  13. joje

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    Nov 1, 2007
    "The slide stop on the Ruger is NOT designed to lock the slide back on the last shot or with an empty mag. It is designed to hold the slide back for inspection/cleaning, etc "

    i didnt know that. thats just hilarious. they must have laid of all their engineers and made the sales people take on the R&D. that would explain the lcp as a whole and in particular this new "feature". seems to me the biggest tactical advantage of that so called slidestop is the reduced recoil due to increased weight of the gun.
  14. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    HA HA HA HA. Joje said "engineer" and "R&D" in the same thread as LCP3AT. Now THAT makes me:


  15. toddmog

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    Jul 8, 2007
    I picked up my HC a few months back with an extra magazine and 50rnd box of Remington FMJ for $330 OTD.
  16. artimus_prime

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    Nov 18, 2007
    Central FL
    I think I just might go there tomorrow! :eek: