Charlie Version With The Underfolding Stock?

Discussion in 'SU-22' started by Liberty4Ever, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I expected Kel-Tec to start shipping the Charlie version of the SU-22, (the SU-22C as opposed to the SU-22CA that's currently shipping) as soon as the shorter 15 round magazines were available from Black Dog Machining.  The shorter magazines have been available to retail customers for a couple of months or more.

    My shorter magazine works great. It's nothing more than a shorter version of the 27 round magazine that ships with the SU-22CA, so there wasn't really much engineering to it.

    I wonder when Kel-Tec will ship the SU-22C to distributors so it can be purchased from dealers.

    I had a Charlie stock left over after I converted my SU-16C to the SU-16E (or CE by some folks reckoning), so it didn't cost me anything to swap the Charlie stock for the Alpha stock. I like the SU-22C configuration. I think it'd be a popular product for Kel-Tec.





    If I had to guess, I'd say Kel-Tec is selling more SU-22CA rifles than they can produce as it is, and they're trying to do a lot of other stuff like ramp up serious production on the Carbine RFB, so this simple and easy expansion of their product line is less of a priority. If so, that's a pity for many people waiting for the Charlie version of the SU-22.
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    the mags were ordered, not sure if they are here yet.

    still have to do something about the instruction manual, though. Since it doesn't say anything about folding or unfolding the stock. probably just make an extra sheet about the C-stock.

    But you are right....there is plenty of other stuff keeping us busy, and it's still slow to get barrel blanks for the SU-22. It is still on the list.