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I took all my winter new purchased guns to the range Sunday, a su-16c, ruger gp100 and sr9, 2 s&w 422s, a p3at, and a brand new h&r pardner pump 20ga.

The su was flawless. I fed it some good-quality-but-cheap. 223 reloads from 7 different mags (1 pmag, 1 bushmaster, 2 cproducts, and 2 alum. Tapcos with magpul followers/springs, and one 20 rnd colt from the 1970s) I ran 250 rounds with zero problems. None. I did remove the parkerization from the bottom of the bolt carrier with a brass brush on a dremmel, then hand smoothing with 600 grit wet/ dry paper, and finally a dry buffing wheel on a dremmel with some never dull mag wheel polish rubbed on. Also broke down and hosed out the bolt/carrier assembly with clp and did the same with the piston and spring. The rifle was brand new never fired so I got a lot of black grease residue off the piston rod/ spring. I am running a Bushnell 1.75-4x trophy scope on a john masen 3/4 in. Riser. After 100 rounds (great feeding from all mags listed above, by the way) there was ino change in zero on the pistol range (20 yards). I set it aside to cool and shoot the pistols. The p3at was also flawless with fmj. It was bought used and the finish was a bit rough from carry, but internally didn't look to be fired a whole lot. Someone had polished the feed ramp/chamber though, and I lubed it with synthetic grease. I ran 50 rounds with no issues and surprising accuracy for this tiny thing... managed to hit a clay pigeon at 20 yards with it :)

While shooting the pistols, the wind gusted up and somehow BLEW THE CHARLIE OFF THE TABLE where it was cooling behind me... I had it sitting on a hard case so I think it was slick enouh to slide off in the wind. I picked her up and looked her over, it seems she landed mostly on the charge handle a muzzle brake, but aside from road rash in those areas looked ok. I popped in the 20 round mag to check out scope. The zero had not changed! I was a little concerned about the plastic rail after reading some of the posts here, thats why i went with the riser to begin with. I was also impressed with the bushnell glass. It was a pretty good impromptu drop test for both pieces. After that I went over to the 100 yard range and with a little tweaking I was hitting clay pigeons on the backstop with every round fired. I tried to do some paper accuracy groupings, but the wind combined with a 4x scope and the grid style sight in targets I had didn't do much for groups, a best of 3 inches discounting 2 fliers that were probably my fault (5 round groups) I think a little more breaking in (mostly for the trigger) and some easier to see targets will bring it into the 2 inch and under catagory. Overall, I have to say I'm in love!

It is a strange thing, I was not a fan of .223 or. 380 before this year. It was always 7.62 and 9mm. I set out to buy BUG and wanted a p32, but instead got a smoking deal on a p3at, and bought it with some apprehension. I have owned and shot a few .380s in the past and pretty much hated them, and once I got a p11 I figured why bother with weak sister 380 when I could get amuch more powerful pistol of the same size? But the 3at is what .380 was intended for, a miniscule "GTF AWAY FROM ME" pocket piece... I still hate the ppk sizes guns though... lol. As for the 223, a figured I needed at least one rifle that fored it, since all my friends/relatives have AR15s, and being an AK fan for several reasons, breaking down and buying an AR felt wrong to me. So after chasing the elusive . "affordable" ruger mini 14, I lucked into finding my charlie. It was imo, the better choice by far. Now I need lots more ammo.
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