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Re: Changed Operating Handle on SU-22 -- Big Mista

larryk said:
I own a PLR-16 and recently purchased a SU-22.  I like the optional operating handle (Kel-Tec calls it -  DYNAMIC DEFLECTING OPERATING HANDLE Standard)  on my PLR-16, so I put it on my SU-22.  Big mistake!  The 22LR cases were being deflected back into the chamber.  I quickly changed the handle back to the one that comes with the SU-22.

I wonder if the pistol trigger/grip on the PLR-16 would fit the SU-22.  This would make a long barrel PLR-22.
Yes, the optional deflecting operating handle is designed for 5.56 brass and was already know not to work with the PLR-22 and SU-22.

You should be able (as far as I know) to swap the PLR-16 pistol grip for the SU-16 stock and make a long barreled PLR-22 but you can't attach the SU-22 stock to the PLR-16 without running afoul of federal NFA law nonsense . . . don't get me started.  
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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