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CDNN shopping experience?

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It seems that CDNN has the best price for Keltecs. Brand new P3AT is $209 from them. Does anyone have any experience with CDNN? I had a good experience from when I bought my Glock 19(received it only two days later).
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I bought a laser and mount for my AR15 for twenty bucks, I thought that it probably not last long enough to empty the mag, Well a thousand rnds. later it still works just find. That's my only experience with them. they shipped fast and the product was as advertised, I guess that's all you can ask for..........
Their downloadable .pdf catalog doesn't contain any Kel-Tecs? Is it a call and ask kind of thing only?

I have had very good experiences with CDNN.  On the phone, they are nice folks to deal with and have some good bargains.  Experience  has shown that (especially with Kel-tecs) they sometimes sell out of what appears in the catalog.  You must call them.
i put one of those $20 lasers on my subbie, and it works great...the problem i have is that it turns on in the case...i now take out the batteries...i hope their sevice is still good, i ordered some mags for new tec22.....gpr
Who is CDNN and what is their URL? Never heard of 'em.

URL for CDNN Sports, Inc.

I think this is the one they are talking about. I have not ordered from them.

yup thats the one. ;)
I bought a used gun from them (not a Keltec), and had no problems.  It came as advertised, in really good shape, and a good price.  The only caveat:  make sure that your FFL is OK with the way the ship regarding sales tax.  They send the invoice in the FFL's name, and your name on the receipt.  My FFL was cool about it, but he said in the future, he'd have to charge tax, since it would be on his books in his name, and he didn't want to have any problems.  No biggie, just something to watch.  Still, the deals are great, and $9 bucks for shipping is a nice thing.
Just some mags so far but no problems,quick to ship
Have ordered guns and accessories from CDNN several times in the past. Always good prices, service and quick shipping in my experience.

TX is right though about availability. With the good prices, items sell out fast. Give them a call first. :cool:
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