Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by brotherjethro, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. brotherjethro

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    So the thread about sanding down the mag release got me wondering...

    How many of you actually carry an extra mag with your P3AT?  In what scenario do you see yourself using it?

    Personally, I do not.  For me, the whole point of the P3AT is to be so small and light that I have no excuse not to carry it.  IE, first rule of gunfighting (have a gun).
  2. WC145

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I carry my P3AT as a back up when on duty and often as primary off duty when nothing else fits. I always carry at least one spare mag. I have no "plan" to use it, however, the magazine is the weak link in any semi or automatic weapon platform and the cause of most malfunctions so to me it only makes sense to carry a spare.
    Of course there's also all of the old sayings - Better to have it and not need it, Two is one one is none, Be prepared, etc, etc. Besides, extra ammo is always a good thing.

  3. jfh

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    Oct 15, 2007
  4. RAT76

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I don't carry a spare mag for either my P3 or the P40. That being said I do have a spare for the 40 in the glovebox.
  5. riverkeeper

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    Aug 30, 2006
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Seldom carry an extra mag and P3 is normally primary.

    Sanded the release since it often self-ejected in my pocket holster.
  6. Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Better have it and not need it!

    5:11 carry in 5:11 Shirt


    Or if I using a pocket holster the the spare is in another pocket.
  7. paulpetricas

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    six rounds may not be enough or it may jam so you want an extra mag
  8. tennessee-boatman

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Most of the time I have a spare mag in the truck for a P3AT and PF9. Its rare I carry one on my body but I do from time to time.
  9. Dreadnought

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I do carry an extra magazine full for my P3AT. I carry Cor-Bon DPX's in the weapon (+1) and my spare mag usually has either Winchester Rangers, Remington Golden Sabers (102gr) or sometimes something FMJ. Additionally I have an extra magazine full of Cor-Bon DPxs in my locked truck box within a cheap pistol case. I keep an extra magazine for each of my carry firearms in there (S&W 642 .38SPL Bianchi SpeedStrip full of 6 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 135gr, a Glock 30 .45ACP 10-round mag., a Glock 21 .45ACP 13-round mag., and the Kel-Tec mag.). When I am carrying my S&W 642 (J-Frame) I do carry a Bianchi SpeedStrip with six extra rounds in my off-hand pocket. When I carry my Glocks I do not generally carry an extra mag., reasoning that I already have 10 or 13 rounds available in the weapon. I do understand the thought of a magazine often times being the weakest link and leading to failures, but I guess my Glocks have spoiled me, and the only real reason I carry extra ammunition for the other two IS for the extra ammunition, not for failures. Obviously that is not an issue anyway with the S&W.

    Having said all of that, I believe the latest information that I have read says that the average altercation with an individual resolving a violent confrontation with a firearm is that they are over with 4 rounds± fired by the defending person.

  10. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    No one has EVER come away from a gunfight saying "I had too much ammo."

    Don't ever plan on using the P3AT OR the extra mag. But IF I need the P3AT it is there. Same reason for the extra mag. Don't plan on using it but if in the right wrong scenario I do have it. Same reason I carry a 15 round back up mag when I carry the P40 or G27 - it doesn't take any more effort than the standard mag and IF I need the ammo, it will be there.

    It makes no sense to me to carry the pistol and not the extra mag unless you can't carry the extra mag, but to say "you don't plan on needing it" is to say you do plan on needing the weapon in the first place? And if you do plan on needing the weapon in the first place then you need A LOT more than just the P3AT.

  11. Bobo

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    Jun 13, 2005
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I carry an extra mag (actually two) because 7 rounds in most instances may be enough - BUT Murphy's Law always seems to be in effect - "What can go wrong, will go wrong, at the worst possible time".

    An extra mag, especially a tiny P3-AT one doesn't take up much space or weigh much, and I feel much more secure with it than without it.

    I would feel comfortable with just one extra mag but I carry two because I use a SmartCarry and there's plenty of room for two (or even three) and it doesn't make carry any more difficult or uncomfortable with them than without them.

  12. Syndil

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    May 8, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Ditto on that for my P32. I'll probably never need to draw my P-32, and if I do, I think I'm even less likely to need a spare mag. But I still carry one. What it came down to for me is that despite the unlikelyhood that I will ever need the spare mag I just can't think of a good reason for not carrying one. And if against all odds I ever actually do need it, I'll certainly be glad it's there.
  13. lagerbrewer

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    Dec 20, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I carry an extra mag in the truck, but just 6+1 in my pocket.
  14. John_W

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    Oct 2, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    My second mag is currently on its way (I just purchased the p3at a couple of weeks or so ago), so I haven't had a chance to carry it yet.

    But when it arrives, I do plan to carry it. And yes, I PLAN on using it IF I'm ever in a situation where I need to. I intend to PRACTICE with the second mag as well as with the gun and be as PREPARED as I can be for whatever scenario I might someday run into... because that was what having the p3at was about in the first place.

    Now that's not my number 1 plan, it's somewhere around #4. First, I plan to stay away from situations in which I might need to draw. Second, if I see a situation developing, I plan to pick an escape route if reasonably possible and safe. Third, if I have to draw, I plan to make every shot count as well as I can, which means that hopefully I may not need to fire very many.

    But if and when the SHTF, then my plan is to be ready to deal with it in as appropriate a manner as I can -- even if it's the rare situation that needs a second mag.
  15. spin180

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I'm firmly in the "better to have it and not need it" camp.

    I carry a spare for my PF9, and when I carried my P3AT primarily I also had a spare for it on me.

    Almost learned the hard way. Was out and about, out of town, and the lock plate for my +1 extension on the P3AT mag broke. Extension worked its way off and the mag emptied itself. Fortunately, I had the spare and put it into service. Were it not for the spare, I would have been left with but a single shot semi-auto for all my personal defense needs.

    So, it's not so much for those pesky running gun battles, but more for those mundane Murphy moments.
  16. PHQAdmin

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Reminds me of the time a good friend of mine while on duty (different situation that civilian carry but prudent to the topic) took on a barrage of gunfire while standing outside the patrol car. Didn't have time to draw, just had time to dive before the car took, I think it was 57 hits.

    When he dove, the butt of his Glock 17 hit the ground and popped the magazine bottom off spraying all rounds but the chambered round out on the ground. When it came time to return fire, he would have been SOL if it weren't for the extra mags we were required to carry on duty.

    Although part of the job, could also repeat itself in the civilian world and short of throwing the gun and anything else you could get your hands on, you would be hosed if it weren't for the backup ammo. You just never know. More is better and if you can tolerate it, do it.

    Just my opinion. I like the Glock's but after that we got approval to carry whatever we wanted and I went to my S&W with the steel magazine after seeing that, I suffered with extra weight, but felt more secure. Kind of funny thinking back to the day when the 9mm was the "preferred" on duty weapon and the "black talon" was our required ammo. Boy how things change.........
  17. Doc_S

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    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I always carry an extra mag for both my primary and back-up weapons...

    God Bless,
    Doc S
  18. Tokamak

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    Apr 28, 2006
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I carry a full magazine and one in the chamber. That is all the ammo I carry.

    I am in the same school you are when it comes to light carry. I used to lug around a Model 19 S&W .357 at all times. For me it was just too heavy. When I have winter jackets on I now slip my SP101 .357 in a pocket. In the summer, even that is just too much steel for most situations. That is when the P3AT becomes my primary carry.

    I am not in the military any more nor am I a LEO. I envision a 1 or 2 shot confrontation at most. If 7 shots is not enough, I still have my SP101 in the glove compartment as a back up - if I can get to it.

    I know I can never be perfectly safe and that eventually I will die. Carrying a fire arm increases my safety and decreases my chances of dying in a mugging. A few extra rounds will not achieve perfect safety nor will it ensure that I never die.

    That is my call. I am not saying anyone who disagrees is wrong, its just my opinion. I can understand someone wanting to carry a 1911 with 3 extra mags - its just not for me.
  19. DoubleTap

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    I always carry a spare magazine. P-3AT (in a Nemesis holster) goes in the top right hand pocket, the magazine goes in the lower right hand pocket. In fact, I probably carry my spare magazine more than my pistol! I’m not allowed to carry at work, but I rarely bother to take the extra magazine out of my pocket. :-?
  20. c0wboi38

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Re: Carry extra mag?  Plan on using it?

    Well, as my 3AT is generally my tertiary weapon, I don't carry a spare mag for it.

    Firearm load-out (when not concealed) is a P229 primary, spare mag, PF-9 BUG, and 3AT tertiary weapon.

    At work, I can only carry one weapon, and that's the PF-9. Yes I carry a spare mag. Normal concealed carry (when I actually care about concealing) is the PF-9 (with a spare mag) and 3AT as BUG.

    RARELY do I carry the 3AT as an only carry, but when I do, I bring a mag.

    You can only have too much ammo when:

    1) You are on fire
    2) You are drowning